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Improved weekly/memo page design

We've made minor changes to the weekly page designs.
-Ruled lines at the bottom of the weekly pages make it easy to jot down weekly summaries or important things to remember.
-The font of the date has been changed to match that of the Hobonichi Techo ‘Original' and ‘Cousin'.
-Days of the week are written in English
-The two dots separating the times of day have been slightly moved.
-The month has been numerically added to the edge of the right page for easier skimming.

Improved design for graph paper

We've also made changes to the graph paper notebook in the latter half.
-Added a front page to the section that includes shorthand note descriptions for quick note-taking
-Pages are now numbered

New cover: Sandwich

The usual styles for optional WEEKS covers are joined by a brand-new type called "WEEKS Sandwich," made by B Jirushi Yoshida and PORTER. The cover is designed to hold a large number of writing utensils and stationary to act as a sort of portable workstation.

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