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One-page-per-day format

The Hobonichi Techo "Cousin" features a page devoted to each day. There's lots of open space to plan the day ahead and enjoy recording your memories and activities. Think of the pages as containers for random ideas, with a clear record of the date. Paste magazine clippings, ticket stubs and photos to make the techo something completely unique – your imagination is the only limit.

The A5 size is the largest in the lineup

The Cousin is the largest techo in the Hobonichi Techo lineup. The A5 size is twice the size of its counterpart, the A6-size Original Hobonichi Techo, so there's plenty of room to use the techo for both business and pleasure.

180-degree lay-flat binding

First-time users are often surprised by the planner's special stitch binding that allows it to open and lay completely flat. Keeping the book open on a desk allows you to keep up with thoughts that cross your mind by making it easy to jot something down in a flash. It also makes pasting and decorating the pages very comfortable.

Tomoe River paper

The techo pages are printed on a thin, light paper called Tomoe River paper that's strong and resistant to bleeding – an ideal choice for a planner. It's the reason why the Cousin is still so compact despite having over 500 pages.

Daily quotes

From the heartfelt to the humorous to the whimsical, each page of the techo features a quote specially selected from the techo's parent site, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun. Currently, the quotes for the Cousin version are only in Japanese. If you would like the quotes in English, please buy the A6-size Hobonichi Planner.

Cousin-exclusive weekly diary

The weekly diary is a special section only available in the Cousin edition, and contains one week per two-page spread, with timetables from 6:00 to 24:00. This section is useful for tracking the progress of certain projects, making plans for a trip, recording health conditions or keeping track of expenses; the possibilities are endless.
(*Not included in A5 Cousin avec)

23 covers to choose from

The Hobonichi Techo Cousin is a planner you first purchase as a book, and then pick out your favorite cover. Cover designs are changed annually, and one of the excitements of using a Hobonichi Techo is browsing the annual lineup to find which cover best suits your personality. The 2016 lineup includes 24 A5 Cousin covers, which feature lots of pockets and a pen holder that also acts as a latch to keep your techo shut.

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