Hobonichi Store Exclusive Bonus

When you order the Japanese-version Hobonichi Techo books or select covers online through the Hobonichi Store, you will receive a free bonus that works great alongside the techo.

  • *The English Hobonichi Planner book does not contain a free bonus.
  • *Included bonus items vary by product.
  • *Bonus items are included with each eligible product, so if you order several items, each will include its own bonus.

Mini Tissue Holder Lightweight, soft silicon

Eligible products
Original book
avec books
Cousin book

We’ve created this original mini pocket tissue holder to make it a bit more fun to carry it around. There are four randomly-assigned colors to collect. We’ll surprise you with one of the four bright, cheerful colors, all easy to spot from inside your bag. The opening is curved into a smile and provides easy access. At first glance, the holder is a very simple design, but the weight, shape, and overall composition are all carefully designed to make it easy to use. The 2016-version holder contains some size tweaks to make it easier to insert and pull out tissues. The soft silicon material is the same as that of the SSACK Hobonichi Techo covers, which are durable and easy to clean with water.

  • 1 Available in navy, lime green, light blue, pink-red. Also for sale in the Hobonichi Store.
  • 2 Contains the same trademark smile as the smile pocket in the Hobonichi Techo covers.

The highly-acclaimed
3 Color Uni Jetstream
Ballpoint Pen Lightweight with smooth writing

Eligible products
Original book
avec books
Cousin book
Weeks book

This bright yellow Uni Jetstream retractable pen by Mitsubishi contains the Hobonichi Techo 2016 logo and comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. The 0.5mm pen tip writes incredibly smoothly on the Tomoe River paper, and refills are available in all three colors in the Hobonichi Store.

  • 1 The pen body color changes every year. The 2016-edition is bright yellow.
  • 2 The pen fits perfectly in the pen holders of the Hobonichi Techo covers.

A6 Original Cover on Cover
for quick and easy total

Eligible products
Select A6 Original covers

The Cover-on-Cover is great for not only protecting your cover from smudges and scratches, but framing your favorite photographs and illustrations onto your cover at any time for rotating customization. You can transform the look of your cover just by inserting a single postcard into your Cover-on-Cover while still accessing the inner and outer pockets. This free gift is included with select covers in our Hobonichi-brand A6 Original size cover lineup. You can see whether this gift is included by checking to see if it’s listed on the cover’s product page.

A6 Original covers series:
Colors / Carreaux / Kanga / Knit & Brooch / Red Indian Rhino / Mother 2 Cast / Mother 2 Saturn Valley

  • 1 Protects your cover from smudges and damage
  • 2 Still allows access to interior pockets


Hobonichi Mini Tissue Holder

Size 4.7"x 3.5"x 0.3" ( 120 mm x 90 mm x 7 mm )
Weight 33.8 g
Country of origin China

Uni Jetstream 3 Color Ballpoint Pen

Size 0.48" diameter x 5.7" length ( 12.2 mm x 144 mm )
Weight 11 g
Specifications 3-Color ballpoint pen with black, red, and blue ink Original Hobonichi-branded Uni Jetstream by Mitsubishi Clip contains Hobonichi Techo 2016 logo
Notes Compatible with SXR-80-05 uni ink refills.
Ink comes in black, red, blue, and green.
Black, red, and blue are for sale in the Hobonichi Store.
Country of origin Japan

Cover on Cover

Size 10.1" x 7" ( 257 mm x 177 mm )
Weight 22 g
Materials Silk print
Notes Contains opening to access back outer pocket
Country of origin Japan

Important Information

About the Hobonichi
Mini Tissue Holder

Storing your holder

Please keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources as it may result in discoloration, distortion, or deterioration.

About the smell of silicon resin

The silicon material is processed to remove the smell, but some of the smell may linger in the very beginning. Please use the product as usual, and the smell will fade over time.

Cleaning instructions

You can wash the silicon material by using a soft sponge or cloth and wiping it with neutral detergent.

Black dots on the product

Small black dots may be visible on the product. Please note that these are unavoidable occurrences during the silicon material’s manufacturing process.

About the ink in the bonus pen

The bonus 3-Color Jetstream ballpoint pen contains ink that writes smoothly, but compared to other oil-based inks, it is not as strong against humidity. Depending on the conditions in which you store your book, the ink may bleed through the paper over an extended period of time. Please avoid storing your book in humid and wet areas. Ink may also bleed through the paper if applied unusually thickly.

Bonus pen refills in the Hobonichi Store

The bonus Jetstream 3-Color pen can be refilled with the Uni Jetstream SXR-80-05 ink, also for sale in the Hobonichi Store for 86 yen.

Using the Cover on Cover

The PVC plastic of the Cover on Cover may lose elasticity and become difficult to put on when left in cold temperatures. If this happens, we recommend letting the product sit in a warm area before applying to your cover. Please be careful when handling your Cover on Cover in cold temperatures, as it becomes more susceptible to damages if dropped or handled roughly.

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