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Coming Up! Memo pages International size charts Country codes International holiday chart Spices and Herbs around the World A Guide to Ryokans Random-Selection Games around the World Personal Notes

Coming Up!

We’ve included a page at the beginning of each month for highlighting important dates, making to-do lists and writing other notes to help in planning ahead.

Memo pages

The planner also includes 21 dotted pages in the back for recording random thoughts, sketching or storing items of interest that aren’t time-sensitive.

International size charts

Comparison charts for different countries include items such as clothing, shoes, hats and rings. Since clothing sizes and units are subject to change depending on the maker, this should only be used as a rough guide when shopping overseas.

Country codes

Two-letter country codes are listed along with international calling codes. (Japan, for example, is JP, and the calling code is 81).

International holiday chart

The holidays for 30 countries are listed in a handy chart, which can be used as a guide when making travel plans. The 2015 edition has added Brazil, Egypt and Hungary.

Spices and Herbs around the World

Our guide to spices is filled with illustrated introductions to popular spices and herbs around the world.

A Guide to Ryokans

We’ve added an illustrated guide with information on how to stay at a traditional ryokan inn and bathe in hot springs.

Random-Selection Games around the World

This guide to random-selection games introduces many different ways people around the world randomly decide the order for something or choose someone for a task.

Personal Notes

Be sure to enter your contact information on the Personal Notes page in the back of your planner in case it’s misplaced. Do not include information that you don’t want others to know.