Daily PagesClick image to enlarge

  • Customizable time grid
  • Daily quotes
  • Dinner icon
  • Week numbers
  • Moon phase and day of the year
  • International holidays
  • Color tabs
  • 4-millimeter graph paper
  • Sundays highlighted in red
  • Mini-calendar
  • Two-days-per-page head start

Customizable time grid

12:00 is the only time listed on the page, simply dividing each day into morning and afternoon. The latter section is given slightly larger space.

Daily quotes

Each two-day spread features a quote handpicked from the contents on Hobonichi’s website, translated into English.

Dinner icon

The 2015 edition includes a new fork-and-knife icon to make it easy to record dinner plans.

Week numbers

The daily pages include the number of the week. The formula we use begins with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

Moon phase and day of the year

An illustration of the current moon phase is paired with the day of the year. The new moon (●) and full moon (○) symbols are surrounded by stars at their peak.

International holidays

At the top of each daily page are two-letter country codes – indicators of the national holidays for 30 countries. (Japan, for example, is JP.)

Color tabs

Monthly tabs in charcoal gray or red (Sundays) assists with easy navigation anywhere in the planner.

4-millimeter graph paper

The graph-paper design has been slightly enlarged from the Japanese version to 4 millimeters, to facilitate easy writing in any language.

Sundays highlighted in red

While all the other daily pages are printed in charcoal gray, Sundays are printed in bright red for quick reference and an attractive contrast.


The daily pages also include a mini monthly calendar at the bottom of every two-page spread. The dates of the pages on that spread are outlined.

Two-days-per-page head start

The daily pages for 2015 are preceded by the week of December 24-31, 2014 and followed by the week of January 1-16, 2016 so users can plan around their year and get a head start forming next year’s plans.