About the Hobonichi Planner

The Japanese-style planner with one page per day
celebrates its third year with some additional useful features.

Hobonichi Planner

The Hobonichi Techo is a popular Japanese daily planner with 500,000 users; its English counterpart – the Hobonichi Planner – debuted in 2013. The English version was developed as a collaboration between the Japanese website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun (Hobonichi) and the Tokyo-based select shop ARTS&SCIENCE. Directing the production of the planner and ARTS&SCIENCE covers is stylist and ARTS&SCIENCE owner Sonya Park, who has carefully fine-tuned the elements that made the Japanese version a success into a global edition so that users around the world can enjoy the unique, easy-to-use design.

The Hobonichi Planner shares the unique techo culture of Japan, in which planners play an intimate role in users’ lives by providing a place to store notes and thoughts at work and at home. With the Planner now being used by people in over 60 countries around the world, the 2015 edition includes design improvements made in response to customer input.

*The Hobonichi Planner English version is only available with a January-start date.

A simple, refined design.

The Japanese characters for techo, along with the ARTS&SCIENCE logo, are stamped in gold on this chic, textured black cover with a matte finish.

The simple design of the daily pages maximizes creative freedom and ensures the planner is easy to use, anywhere in the world. Each two-day spread features a quote from ARTS&SCIENCE owner Sonya Park or an English translation of an excerpt from the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun website. The 2015 edition also includes a meal icon at the bottom of the timetable for dinner plans or other ideas.

The 2015 edition welcomes
its third year with new features.

In prior editions, the Hobonichi Planner began on December 1st of the previous year. However, the 2015 edition begins on December 24th so that we could add pages covering January 1st to the 16th of the following year. Feel free to use these additional pages when arranging plans for the new year.

The 2015 edition still includes the first three monthly pages for the following year, but the year 2016 is lightly printed on the background to allow users to distinguish the correct year at a glance.

Playful and practical appendix pages
in the back of the planner.

Spices and Herbs
around the World

This list of thirty spices and herbs includes illustrations, and is an easy guide for traveling overseas or exploring new restaurants.

A Guide to Ryokans
We’ve compiled a helpful guide to teach travelers the etiquette and layout of traditional Japanese inns. Helpful illustrations walk you through customs such as the removal of shoes at the door, putting on a yukata, and proper bath etiquette.

Random-Selection Games
around the World

This list describes games such as amidakuji and coin tosses, which are used to pick someone.

We’ve kept everything that makes
the Japanese version great.

-One page per day
-A6 Japanese paperback-size book
-Daily quotes translated into English
-High quality Tomoe River paper ideal for planners
-Lay-flat binding

All new, exclusive cover designs

The 2015 edition ARTS&SCIENCE covers feature a completely new leather zip-up style. The signature cow leather has been tanned with vegetable peel and fruit extracts to create a lasting material that will gradually change color and feel over time, as it uniquely conforms to its user. The pleasantly sleek leather is the same sturdy variety used in belts, ensuring a long-lasting cover.

The inner pockets have been carefully designed to provide useful yet subtle storage, without the cover looking stuffed. The pockets have been tested several times over to ensure a comfortable, precise fit.

The 2015 edition cover has replaced the bookmark with a removable pencil board that creates a solid writing surface beneath each page. The pencil board features the trademark ARTS&SCIENCE logo and is a handy new way to mark your spot.

*In order to allow customers the enjoyment of all-natural leather, it has been processed in a way that retains its original feel. Any potential imperfections will smooth out with continued use.
*Covers may contain subtle vein marks or surface irregularities.
*The color of the leather may bleed when it gets wet.

Hobonichi Planner Lineup

Exclusive new Hobonichi Planner covers come in seven colors, three of which are only sold in A&S stores. Last year’s tri-fold design makes its return in handsome black. The Planner and covers may be purchased separately or as a set.

*Prices displayed include tax and exclude shipping.

Covers only available at ARTS&SCIENCE shops

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