Dear customer,

Thank you for your interest in the Hobonichi Techo and Hobonichi Planner.

In 2001, we set off to create our own techo (planner) by putting together all of our ideas for innovative designs and engaging functionality to create something we wanted to use personally. These origins that define the Hobonichi Techo as it is today are very much a part of us, as we gradually refined the techo each and every year since its debut thirteen years ago.

Already, the number of Hobonichi Techo users has reached 500,000 in 2014. Over the years, we've made updates to the design–some based on customer input, some that were a bit over the top, and some that we just plain wanted to put in. It's only been a bit over a decade, but this journey is what makes the Hobonichi Techo unique: a high quality planner with a quirkiness that's years in the making.

This year, Hobonichi Techo products including the Hobonichi Planner are only sold at our web storefront Hobonichi Store and select retailers:

List of Hobonichi Techo retailers

We understand that there are imitations by other manufacturers and vendors. They may seem similar, but they are not Hobonichi Techo or Hobonichi Planner products.

We hope you choose our products at the Hobonichi Store or the designated retailers above, and enjoy the Hobonichi Techo experience.

Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun