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About the Hobonichi Techo

About the Hobonichi Techo

1. Choose your favorite book and cover

The techo comes in 4 types: A6 size Planner, A6 size Original, A5 size Cousin, and wallet-size Weeks. A lighter option is Avec, a 2-book set planner which splits the year at 6 months each, coming in both Original and Cousin. You can have your pick from the wide variety of covers we offer.

2. Use it any way you like

Fill in the pages however you like. Drawing pictures, pasting tickets, or even just jotting down a few words every day shape the techo into a memorable record of your life. Don’t know what to write? Be inspired by others on how they use the techo.

3. Easy to open, easy to write

The main attraction of the Hobonichi Techo is the spacious layout with ample room to write. This design, along with meticulous attention paid in the making process, allows for stress-free writing, even during a heavy-duty entry. The features include 180-degree lay-flat binding, thin, bleed-free Tomoe River paper, and gridded pages, perfect for drawing pictures or diagrams.
*As Weeks does not lay completely flat by itself, hold it down lightly with your hand as you write.

4. Made better every year

Hobonichi Techo is updated every year based on customer input. Features such as the daily page’s grid size, layout, and design are reassessed and made from scratch to bring the best and most enjoyable version of the techo every year.

5. A “readable” book

The Hobonichi Techo includes quotes taken from its parent site, the Japanese website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. The quotes offer a bit of encouragement in your daily life and are fun to flip through. You also might discover something new about yourself when looking back through your own quotes.

6. Born from Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun

The Hobonichi Techo is a planner born from the website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, or “Hobonichi.” Covering subjects from the whimsical to the reflective, the website is an online magazine updated every day with articles such as interviews and essays.

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