Privacy Policy
The guiding standards for the protection of personal information entered by customers and related privacy policies are currently the Guidelines for the Application of the Personal Information Protection Act in Economy and Industry (the “Guidelines”) issued by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Hobonichi (the “Company”) has adopted these Guidelines as the premise for its privacy policy.
The privacy policy of the Company therefore consists of the Guidelines and the matters described below.
Services of the Company are provided on the premise that this privacy policy has been accepted by the customer.
The customer’s acceptance is deemed given also with respect to privacy policy amendments or revisions that the Company may carry out in order to enhance the services offered to customers.
Handling of personal information

Personal information such as e-mail address and shipment address that customers supply on their own initiative to the Company through e-mail communication, website-based data entries, goods purchases, registrations for free gifts, and cooperation in on-line surveys, etc., is necessary for the shipment of goods to customers.
The Company may in some instances supply this customer data to service providers used by the Company such as credit card companies and delivery companies. Outside these instances, customer information is not provided to any third party without the consent of the customer, unless disclosure is required by law or other state institutions, etc.


The term “cookie” refers to a technology that enables the recording and managing of website users’ (i.e., customers’) usage history and data entries as computer data files stored on a hard disk.
The use of cookie technology helps simplify operations surrounding services that customers frequently use.
Hobonichi Store employs cookie technology to make the Company website more convenient to use for customers.
Customers can choose various cookie settings for incoming and outgoing communication, such as accept, reject, or notify. However, the Hobonichi Store services cannot be used if browser settings are set to reject cookies.
For details, please refer to the help menu of your browser application.

To allow customers the safe usage of the Hobonichi Store , the Company employs SSL encryption technology as a privacy protection and security measure to ensure confidential communication. Pages subject to SSL encryption are, for example, credit card information input, payment method selection, and purchase order confirmation.
Questionnaire surveys and advertising
The Company may conduct questionnaire surveys by e-mail or disseminate information such as advertising for products and services provided by Hobonichi and third parties to customers who give their consent .
The information entered by customers on such occasions may be supplied to a third party through a form in which identifying individuals is unfeasible.
Handling of personal information

Data entered by customers is stored on the Company’s database. Please see here for information on changing or deleting information. Contact us at for disclosure, revision, or cancellation of information maintenance in accordance with Articles 25, 26, and 27 of the Personal Information Protection Act. The Company may need to confirm the identity of the customer for security purposes. The Company will respond to requests regarding information retention, but it may not be possible to honor a request if there are open payments, open processes, or matters awaiting confirmation.

The Company is not liable to provide any indemnification for any damage, whether direct or indirect, sustained by a customer due to the use of Hobonichi Store and Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun, and the products and services provided through Hobonichi Store. Returns are restricted to products returned within 14 days of delivery. In the event that the Company provides an exchange for a defective product, the Company will not assume liability for damages.
Other provisions

1. This site is under the management of Hobonichi Co., Ltd. While the site is accessible from countries worldwide with varying legislations, in regards to site usage, customers and Hobonichi Co., Ltd. agree to be bound by Japanese law and municipal ordinances of the Municipality of Tokyo, regardless of differences in the principles of the relevant laws. Customers access the site by virtue of their free will and at their own responsibility.

2. If with regard to the use of these services an issue arises that cannot be resolved through application of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Company and the user will resolve said issue in mutual consultations to be entered in good faith by both parties.

3. If litigation becomes necessary in connection with the use of this site, the matter shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan for the settlement.

4. In case of non-payment of a purchase price or such other breach of these terms and conditions by a user, an indemnification liability arises to said user, for the claim and collection of which the Company may require the services of an attorney at law. In such a case, the user is liable to pay the attorney fees.

As of September 22,2010