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    パイロットコーポレーションFrixion Light (3-Color Set)

    The Frixion Light highlighter marker uses erasable ink that can be rubbed off with the marker’s built-in eraser once the ink is dried. This 3-color set comes in yellow, pink, and green.

    パイロットコーポレーションFrixion Light (3-Color Set)
    JPY324(incl. tax, excl. shipping)

    Shipping Date1-3 business days


    Frixion Light (3-Color Set)
    SizeMax. diameter: 12.6 mm x 139 mm
    Weight36 g
    Other informationContents: 3 pieces
    Notes on useFor use on normal paper (Not for use on thermal paper or carbonless copy paper)

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    Do not use on important documents, mailing envelopes, or other places that cannot have the writing erase.