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    パイロットコーポレーションFrixion Eraser

    This eraser is designed for use with the Frixion erasable pen series. Frixion pens use an ink that can be rubbed away quickly and easily with the friction heat generated by rubbing the paper with these erasers.

    The shape of these erasers allows users to quickly erase a large surface area, as well as pinpoint more detailed areas with the corner of the eraser. Unlike traditional pencil erasers, the material of Frixion erasers does not get used up with continued use, allowing a single eraser to be used for a long time.

    パイロットコーポレーションFrixion Eraser
    JPY108(incl. tax, excl. shipping)

    Shipping Date1-3 business days


    Frixion Eraser
    Size50 mm x 19 mm x 9 mm
    Weight5 g
    Main materialCase: Resin / Body: Elastomer rubber
    Notes on useAvoid storing in warm places.

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    Avoid storing in warm places.