4 Types of Hobonichi Techo Books

Hobonichi Techo Planner
(Standard Cover)

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The Hobonichi Techo Planner is enjoyed as a planner book you pair with your favorite cover. Here is an introduction to the two main types of covers: the standard covers, which feature a pen holder that also acts as a latch to keep it shut, and the Zippers covers, which zip shut for optimal storage. (You can find descriptions of other types of covers on each individual product page.)
*Individual covers may have slightly different features from the rest of its type.

Pen holder

A tab is sewn onto each side of the cover in order to hold a pen and keep the cover closed. Because of its shape, the pen holder is called a "butterfly clasp" in Japanese.

Card pockets

The inside of the cover includes 4 pockets that fit business cards and other cards perfectly, and can hold a variety of flat objects.

Smile pocket

This short pocket is the perfect size for holding small objects like coins, bandages, memory cards, paperclips and more. The pocket is designed for easy storage and easy removal, and the curve is like a friendly smile.

Ticket pocket

This pocket is a bit larger so you can fit longer items – such as concert tickets.

Large pocket

Beneath the card pockets is another full-size pocket that works great for larger items like envelopes, magazine clippings, coupons and sticker sheets.

Two bookmarks

The cover includes double bookmarks so you can keep your place in different spots – one in the monthly calendar and one in the daily pages, for example. The end of the bookmarks features the triangle and rectangle that have made the Hobonichi Techo so distinguishable among other planners.

Outer pocket

The back of the cover includes a large pocket for storing quick access materials . The pocket can store A4 (letter-size) paper folded in quarters.

Hobonichi Tag

Covers come with a tag of the Hobonichi logo.