Carry a whole drawer with you everywhere you go! The Drawer Pouch


This spring, a new partner has joined the Hobonichi Techo lineup. We think of it as a “drawer” you can carry around with you everywhere you go, and use to store all your most important belongings. That’s why we’ve called it the Drawer Pouch.
The Drawer Pouch comes in two sizes: Small and Large. Here’s some more information to help explain this new product.

Small Drawer Pouch

The Small Drawer Pouch is the size of a long wallet and fits writing utensils, scissors, and other stationery, much like a pen case. But it’s also designed to neatly store point cards, business cards, charging cables, and other small items.

You can carry the pouch around to keep the items you use every day handy or leave it at your desk to store checkbooks, receipts, and other items you’d like to keep organized and safe. When you keep everything important together in this pouch, you won’t have to spend so much time digging around and trying to remember where you put things!

The pouch can lay open completely flat when it’s unzipped, making it easy to glance inside and grab what you need.

Even when it’s full of items, the pouch still zips shut into a slim and compact case that fits nicely into a purse or bag. It’s a great companion to keep alongside your Hobonichi Techo. This cute little comrade can serve you well!

Take a look inside

  • There’s plenty of room to store flat objects such as cards, rulers, and scissors.
  • The “Smile Pocket” is designed to match that of the Hobonichi Techo covers.
  • The pocket size fits cards perfectly.
  • A mesh pocket allows storage for slightly thicker objects, such as pens and rolls of washi tape.
  • The interior includes a band that holds a pen.

A look at the outside

  • 8 fabric designs to choose from!
  • While there’s plenty room for storage, the pouch closes into a slim, compact case that fits into a purse or bag.
  • The pouch exterior has a single deep pocket.

Usage Examples

The pouch is perfect for holding pens and pencils, but it can also handle slightly bulkier items, like scissors and correction fluid. Because you can store everything you use in one compact case, it’s very handy to have around at work. (Pictured: Dot Stripes)

Keep your sticky notes and washi tape stored in this pouch to have them on hand whenever you find yourself wanting to use them. The pouch is also great for storing receipts you’ll want to reference or use. (Pictured: Peacocks of Grantham Hall)

This pouch can be a lifesaver at school when you use it as a versatile pen case. The pockets come in several different heights, making organizing a variety of different items convenient. (Pictured: Hedgehog)

If you like to draw, this is the case for you. You can fill it with pencils, crayons, a compass, erasers, or any other tools you use to make art. (Pictured: A Perfect Day for Picnic Blankets)

Here’s what the pouch would look like in the hands of an architect. You can use it to store other specialized tools, too—it makes an excellent toolbox or sewing kit. (Pictured: Yellow)

The portable pouch is an excellent carrying case for chargers, USB cables, earbuds, and other items to pair with your computer or smartphone. (Pictured: Mr. Saturn)

Stay organized on your camping trip or picnic by keeping your smaller outdoor items together in this pouch, such as a thermometer, bottle opener, or outdoor cutlery. (Pictured: Black)

The pouch makes a great makeup case. Use the array of pocket sizes to organize tools, and take advantage of the open-flat case to lay it out and see everything at once. (Pictured: mermaid green)

Sales Information

Sales begin March 1, 2018

*Sales will begin on the online Hobonichi Store and in the Tobichi Tokyo shop on March 1st at 11 AM. Sales will begin in the Tobichi Kyoto shop on March 2nd at noon.
*For store hours and stock availability in Loft stores in Japan, please contact each shop directly.