Stationery for the Hobonichi Techo and Miscellaneous Items Tools & Toys

Tools & Toys is the lineup of original Hobonichi stationery and accessories
that make using the techo even more fun.
You can also find a collection of items that will brighten up your day.

What’s Tools & Toys?

What are TOOLS & TOYS

Tools & Toys is the Hobonichi Store’s home for original stationery and accessories that were created to be both useful (Tools) and fun (Toys), along with a curated line of products that go great with the Hobonichi Techo. These extras aren’t just useful, they can make your daily life a little more fun and exciting.

They’re great for using with the Hobonichi Techo . . . actually, they’re great on their own, too! Carry them, use them, keep them on you everywhere you go, or just admire them. The Tools & Toys collection is full of items you’ll love to have in your life!