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Hobonichi Techo 5-Year TechoInformational

Yearly memo pages (5 pages)

This page provides space to write down plans for the year or write down a review of what happened. The Bookmark section is useful for writing down dates of interest.

Remember This (1 page)

This page is useful for writing down notes that aren’t time-sensitive or things you’d like to note across all five years.


Record the presents you’ve given or received in the Gifts page so you don’t forget who gave what to who and when. This is also helpful for thank-you cards. There are spaces for 17 entries in the A6-size book and 40 entries in the A5-size book.


The address book allows you to write in the contact information for people such as family and close friends. The A6-size book has space for 6 entries, and the A5-size book has space for 16 entries.

My Lists

This page allows you to create 8 lists of themes of your choice. Each theme fits 10 entries.

World History in the Scale of a Single Year (Japanese)

This article takes 4.6 billion years of history and converts it into the scale of a single year. Seeing the course of the Earth this way makes the present feel quite different.

Personal Notes

You can write your information in this page and put photographs or drawings into the dotted square.