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Hobonichi Techo 5-Year TechoDaily Pages
(5 Years Each)

Same date across 5 years & memo page

The basic format of the 5-Year Techo has the same date across five years listed on the left side, and a blank graph paper memo page on the right. The layout is flexible enough to allow users to either fill in their pages the same way every day or mix things up as they go.

3.7 millimeter graph paper

The 5-Year Techo has the same 3.7 millimeter graph paper as the Original and Cousin. Feel free to write along the lines of a single line or two ― or just ignore the lines altogether.

Daily page across five years (left page)

This simple design lists the same date across five years, with the day and month at the top, and the year and day of the week on each entry. Each day has 178 graph-paper squares that allow you to either fill the day with lots of writing or write a single sentence and feel satisfied with the entry. It’s a perfect setup for those who are worried about being able to continue using a book for 5 years.

*Pages do not list Japanese holidays or lunisolar calendar dates.

Memo page (right page)

The right page is a blank page for anything you’d like — continuing entries you couldn’t fit on the left, jotting notes you’d like to leave for other years, pasting items, and more.

Daily quotes

The Japanese daily quotes on the bottom of the page are excerpts from Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun articles from the past 10 years.

Monthly tabs

Similar to a dictionary, each month is printed with a tab on the edge of the page for easy reference.