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    Lapis - Motion in the Silence

    This art book features a collection of works by artist junaida. The series is modeled after a surge of energy building up and rising from a soundless ore. The motif reaches across the entire book, as each page contains artwork depicting the ore shimmering quietly in the dark. The book also contains no text and provides the perfect medium for studying each art piece as if you were walking through junaida’s exhibition.

    This art book was conceived, edited, designed, and printed entirely by junaida himself. The glossy pages are printed to depict junaida’s ideal color of black and the glittering look of the ores.

    About junaida

    Artist/painter born in 1978.
    Currently resides in Kyoto.
    Recent series includes “Lapis - Motion in the Silence,”“Nordic Tales,” and “Ihatovo” which depicts the world of classical poet Kenji Miyazawa.

    Lapis - Motion in the Silence
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    Lapis - Motion in the Silence
    Size300 mm x 300 mm x 15 mm
    Weight1012 g

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