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    OLFATop Sheet Cutter

    This handy scrapbooking tool allows you to cut only the top sheet of several pages. A spring built into the cutter maintains a constant pressure that keeps the blade from cutting into more than one page at a time.

    The handle contains a switch to allow you to select the strength of the cut depending on the thickness of the paper, such as printer paper versus newspapers or magazine pages. The MIN setting is for thin paper, and the MAX setting is for thick paper.

    OLFATop Sheet Cutter
    JPY950(incl. tax, excl. shipping)

    Shipping Date1-3 business days


    Top Sheet Cutter
    Size15.5 mm x 142 mm x 11 mm
    Weight17.5 g
    Main materialBlade: High-carbon steel
    Notes on useBlade is sharp. Handle with caution. Do not bring onto airplanes when traveling.

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    Do not bring onto airplanes when traveling.