Hobonichi Plain Notebook

Preview 1 May 28, 2019Introducing
the Hobonichi Plain Notebook!
We’re pleased to bring you the long-requested Hobonichi Plain Notebook, a slim notebook made with Tomoe River paper that feels the same to use as your Hobonichi Techo. The graph-paper pages have the same 3.7mm squares as the Japanese-language Hobonichi Techo books, and the notebooks come in two sizes: A6 and A5. Both books are separated into four equal parts, with each section denoted by a different ink color. The color changes every 60 pages in the A6-size notebook and every 72 pages in the A5-size notebook, allowing users to divide a single notebook into multiple themes if desired.

All the paper is the thin, durable Tomoe River paper, and each notebook size is compatible with its respective Hobonichi Techo cover size. The notebooks are useful as a companion to the Hobonichi Techo, or simply a compact notebook you can fill to your heart’s content.
Hobonichi Plain Notebook (A6)
Size: A6(Same size as Hobnonichi
Techo Planner/Original)
Contents: 3.7mm plain graph paper
(Printed ink color changes every 60
pages: Red/Blue/Green/Purple)
Thickness: 8mm
Page count: 240 pages
Paper: Tomoe River
Hobonichi Plain Notebook (A5)
Size: A5(Same size as Hobnonichi
Techo Cousin)
Contents: 3.7mm plain graph paper
(Printed ink color changes every 72
pages: Red/Blue/Green/Purple)
Thickness: 10mm
Page count: 288 pages
Paper: Tomoe River

All About the Hobonichi
Plain Notebook

-A compact notebook
you can use just like a Hobonichi Techo.
You’ll feel just like you’re using a Hobonichi Techo thanks to this notebook’s slim, light, and durable Tomoe River paper. The A6-size book is 8mm thick and contains 240 pages, while the A5-size book is 10mm thick and contains 288 pages. Both notebooks lay completely flat on a desk, allowing them to fit an immense amount of contents in their pages while still providing an incredibly comfortable writing experience.
-Same 3.7mm size graph paper
as the Original and Cousin.
The 3.7mm graph-paper squares allow users to feel as if the notebook is simply a continuation of the blank graph paper pages featured in the back of the Hobonichi Techo.
-Convenient 4-color system
The Hobonichi Plain Notebook is split into four sections. Every 60-page section in the A6-size book, and every 72-page section in the A5-size book, is printed with a different ink color, starting with red and moving to blue, green, and purple. This allows the notebook to be used for several different themes, and makes it easier to find pages later on.
-Compatible with Hobonichi Techo covers
Each Hobonichi Plain Notebook can be used with its corresponding Hobonichi Techo cover size, giving the user a bookmark and a place to carry a pen alongside the notebook.
-Use several notebooks,
or split one into several uses
A single notebook can be split into several themes, such as “hobbies” and “work notes.” This makes it easy to keep a single notebook on hand for many uses. Several copies of the notebooks can also be kept so that each notebook carries a single theme.
-Works great alongside the Avec techo
The Hobonichi Plain Notebook is roughly the same size as the 6-month Hobonichi Techo Avec. We recommend pairing an Avec with a Hobonichi Plain Notebook since they work so well together; the Avec can be inserted into the left side of the techo cover, with a Plain Notebook inserted into the right side. This keeps the books comfortably paired while supplementing the Avec with plenty of plain graph paper.
-Storing the notebook alongside
a Hobonichi Techo in the cover
The Hobonichi Plain Notebook can serve as a supplemental notebook for your Hobonichi Techo. While it does increase the cover’s total thickness, it’s possible to store the Plain Notebook and the Hobonichi Techo book together in a single cover.