Preview 2 May 29, 2019About the Hobonichi Techo 2019 Avec (Jul-Dec)
The Avec, which means “together” in French, contains 6 months per book, making it the ideal Techo to fill to the brim. The slim size gives users a great head start on keeping the book at a manageable thickness, and the light weight makes it comfortable to carry around. Starting May 31st, users will be able to purchase the July-December Avec book by itself. It’s a great companion for the new season ahead!
Hobonichi Techo
Original Avec (Jul-Dec)
Size: A6
Dates: July–December 2019
Thickness: ~8mm
Weight: ~117g
Page count: 240 pages
Hobonichi Techo
Cousin Avec (Jul-Dec)
Size: A5
Dates: July–December 2019
Thickness: ~10mm
Weight: ~278g
Page count: 288 pages

Benefits of
the Hobonichi Techo Avec

-Half the weight and thickness
The Original Avec contains 240 pages, making its carefully balanced weight and thickness just over half of the 464-page full version. Similarly, the Cousin Avec contains 288 pages, just over half of the 544-page full version. Both Avec books are portable and light.
-Recommended for users
who paste many items into the pages
The slim Avec gives users a head start for pasting in notes, photographs, and other memorable items into their pages without the book becoming too thick.
-A July-start planner book
This Avec book is dated from July-December, making it a perfect entry-point for people who want to start using a new planner halfway through the year. It’s also a good fit for existing Hobonichi Techo users who have been using a Weeks or a different size for the first half of 2019 and are curious to try something new.
-Same contents as the standard full-year version,
but with no memo pages.
The page contents are the same as the full-year version, so you’ll still feel like you’re using a standard Hobonichi Techo with the Avec. The informational pages in the back of the book are also the same.(Just keep in mind that the Avec does not include the blank memo pages in the back of the book like the full-year version does.)
-Compatible with Hobonichi Techo covers
Pair the Avec with your favorite cover: It can use the same Hobonichi Techo covers as its full-year counterpart.
-Using the Avec alongside another book
The slim Avec book leaves room in your Hobonichi Techo cover to store the Avec book in its left side and another book or notebook in its right. The all-new Hobonichi Plain Notebook is, of course, a perfect fit for this dual-book usage. Pick your favorite pairing and enjoy customizing your very own setup.

Hobonichi Techo 2019 Avec (Jul-Dec)

    The Hobonichi Techo Avec book can be purchased from the pulldown menu in each Hobonichi Techo cover product page.
    A6 Size Cover Lineup
    A5 Size Cover Lineup

    In addition to the Hobonichi Techo Official Store, the Hobonichi Plain Notebook and Hobonichi Techo Avec Jul-Dec Book are available for sale at Tobichi (Tokyo and Kyoto) and at Loft stores across Japan. (Please contact stores directly for questions about stock.)

    A6 Size (fits Planner and Original) cover

      A5 Size (fits Cousin) cover