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Write whatever you want as much as you want! All about the new Weeks version: the Hobonichi Techo Weeks Mega

The Hobonichi Techo Weeks has been popular since its inception in 2011. Users enjoy its comfortably portable and slim size. This year, on November 1st, we’ll be releasing a new version: the Hobonichi Techo Weeks Mega, which features three times the number of blank graph paper pages. Here’s a few of the things to look forward to.


212 pages of graph paper,
three times that of the standard version!

The standard Weeks has 68 pages of graph paper for note-taking in the back. Users have noted over the years that there aren’t quite enough pages to last the entire year, so the Mega version will bump this number up to 212 total pages!

How much can you write in 212 pages?

Each graph paper memo page includes 23 columns and 49 rows, which makes 1,127 squares. Assuming you fill each square with an average of a single letter, and the average length of a word is 4.5 letters, that means the standard edition’s memo pages can fit about 17,000 words, while the Weeks Mega fits a whopping 53,000 words!


Despite the huge increase in memo pages,
the weight only increased 59 g (2 oz)!

The Weeks Mega may include three times the number of memo pages, but the weight is only 190 g (6.7 oz). Compared to the standard edition’s weight of 131 g (4.6 oz), that’s only an increase of about 59 g (2 oz), keeping it as nice and light as it’s always been.

How heavy is 59 g (2 oz)?

The standard Weeks and the Weeks Mega have a difference in weight of 59 g (2 oz). Here are some examples of items that weigh this difference:

These are all items you see on a daily basis (at least in Japan!), and don’t sense as having much weight to them at all. We hope this demonstrates how similar the Weeks Mega will weigh to the standard edition.


Fits standard Weeks covers
thanks to the small thickness difference of only 5 mm!

The Weeks Mega is 13 mm thick — about a half inch. The standard edition is 8 mm thick, making a difference of only 5 mm. Despite having three times the number of memo pages, the entire Weeks Mega is only 1.6 times the thickness of the standard Weeks. This allows the Weeks Mega to fit any of the covers designed for the standard Weeks.

Please see here for more information on how the Weeks Mega will fit into each standard Weeks cover.


Everything outside the memo pages is
exactly the same as the standard Weeks.

Besides greatly increasing the number of graph paper memo pages in the back of the book, the Weeks Mega is the same as the standard Weeks in every way, keeping it completely familiar for returning Weeks users.


Receive a free bookmark
when purchasing in the Hobonichi Store.

Purchase the Weeks Mega in the online Hobonichi Store to receive a free Hobonichi Store exclusive bookmark. The bookmark can be repeatedly applied to and removed from the pages, and makes a wonderful marker in the memo pages.

weeks MEGA

*Supplies are limited.
*There are no plans to release an April-start Spring Weeks Mega for 2018.

Loft-Exclusive Version On Sale!
Shibuya Loft 30th Anniversary-edition
Hobonichi Techo Weeks Mega

Exclusively for sale in Loft stores in Japan.

This yellow Weeks Mega commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Shibuya Loft by taking on the characteristic bright yellow shade of Loft stores. This version will be on sale exclusively in Loft stores in Japan starting November 1st.
*Not for sale in the Hobonichi Store.

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