HOBONICHI TECHO 2023Techo Lineup

The Hobonichi Techo pairs together a planner book and a cover.
The main offerings are the daily planners, which are the Original in A6 size and the Cousin in A5 size.
These planners have several options, including the English language editions or a set of two 6-month books called the Avec. This year the Hobonichi Techo Original book is available in a special collaboration edition for the very first time, with the hit manga series One Piece. We’ve also introduced the HON, which you’d carry around like you would your favorite book.The weekly planner Weeks and undated notebook with monthly calendar “Day-Free” are also popular choices in our lineup.
Our Hobonichi 5-Year Techo, which will cover 2023-2027, also gets an update this year!
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A6 SizeHobonichi techoPlanner / Original / Day-Free / HON

The A6 size has been available since we first released the Hobonichi Techo as one type: the Original. It has remained our most popular size. It also comes in an English edition, called the Planner, and you can buy the Original in a set of two smaller books called the Avec, which are six months each. The Day-Free notebook includes a monthly calendar and undated pages. Once you pick your notebook, there’s a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from for your cover.

Day-Free CoverSlim covers that only fit the Day-Free book

HONA6 size techo book you can use without a cover

Book OnlyDaily/Monthly (A6 size) refill book for those who already have a cover

A5 SizeHobonichi techoCousin / Day-Free

The A5 size is great for users who want plenty of space to write in their pages.
The daily version is the Cousin, and you can choose between a Japanese or English edition. The Japanese version also comes in a two book set of six months each, called the Cousin Avec. The Day-Free notebook is also popular and features a monthly calendar and undated pages. Pair your notebook with your cover of choice from our lineup.

Day-Free CoverSlim covers that only fit the Day-Free book

Book OnlyDaily/Monthly (A5 size) refill book for those who already have a cover

Wallet-SizeHobonichi techoWeeks

Weeks is the Hobonichi Techo book with a weekly layout.
The cover design is attached to the book, so you can simply look for your Weeks book cover design of choice. Each spread includes the full week on the left page and blank graph paper on the right page. The back of the book contains over 70 pages of blank graph paper. If you’d like to write even more, you can get the Weeks Mega which has nearly three times the number of blank graph paper pages in the back!

The Weeks and Weeks Mega books are available as English-versions and Japanese versions.*Some designs are only available in either language.

MegaNearly three times the number of graph paper notebook pages in the back as the standard Weeks

Cover OnlyCover for storing a Weeks book that has pockets and a pen holder

A6 / A5 SizeHobonichi5-Year Techo

The 5-Year Techo spans five years in a single book, so this year it covers 2023-2027.
The layout makes it easy to keep up with, and once you’re writing the second year onward, you can read back on the entries of previous years every day. The book comes in two size: The A6 size Hobonichi 5-Year Techo, and the A5 size Large Hobonichi 5-Year Techo. The bookbinding is similar to that of a dictionary or bible, so you can comfortably use it as-is or pair it with a cover designed for the 5-Year Techo. (Cannot be used with standard covers for the Original or Cousin techo books.)

5-Year Techo CoverA specially sized cover for protecting your techo all five years

Bloom Gift SetA Hobonichi Techo 5-Year Techo gift set that makes the perfect present for someone special