The Hobonichi Techo is a Life Book that’s flexible enough to fit the lifestyle and tastes of its user, allowing for freedom in how to use it.

    The daily page books include the A6 size Original or Planner and the A5 size Cousin. There’s also a weekly book called the Weeks, an undated notebook with monthly calendars called Day Free, and the 5-Year Techo, just to name a few.

    We hope you can find which Life Book perfectly suits you as a book that accompanies you through all the precious experiences of daily life.

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    Hobonichi Techo Online Magazine

    Latest articles from the Techo Magazine, which takes a closer look at products, how people use the techo, and other content that lets you fully enjoy your techo.

    Hobonichi Techo NEWS

    Techo team members will be talking about sales information, their recommended stationery, usage examples, and more.

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    How It’s Used

    Here’s a large collection of usage examples from users and Hobonichi crew members.

    LIFEのBOOK ほぼ日手帳Techo Sizes and Types

    The Hobonichi Techo comes in a variety of styles. You can base your decision on size, format, or series when picking out your favorite.

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