KAWAISOUNI!Opanchu Usagi Washi Tape (Yellow)

This washi tape features “Opanchu Usagi,” a character created by an illustrator and animator KAWAISOUNI! who is especially popular on social media.

The design features a variety of Opanchu Usagi lined up on a bright yellow background. The most notable of these is the variation of Opanchu Usagi holding techo and notepads. Particularly, the patterns of the one with reading a techo on the porch and the one riding a unicycle holding a techo are only available on this Washi tape.

There is also an “OPANCHU USAGI” logo with the symbolic Opanchu Usagi blue ribbon, which is so cute.

The width of the tape is the standard 15mm. You can use it to attach notes and tickets to your techo, as well as for decorating the techo pages.

Staff List

Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
KAWAISOUNI!Opanchu Usagi Washi Tape (Yellow)



Size15mm x 7m
WeightApprox. 11 g
Main materialPaper

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