KAWAISOUNI!Clear Cover for Weeks (Opanchu Usagi - Headphone)

This is the decorated version of the Clear Cover, an optional, extra covering that goes directly over your Hobonichi Techo Weeks book to protect it from wear and tear over the course of the year while instantly giving solid-color covers a fresh new look.

This design features “Opanchu Usagi,” a character created by an illustrator and animator KAWAISOUNI! who is especially popular on social media.

What the Opanchu Usagi with a headphone has in its hand is an originally designed Hobonichi Techo and pencil! The “OPANCHU USAGI” logo and the stars printed all over the cover are cutely handwritten, and you will also find the back view of Opanchu Usagi on the back side.

It would look great, especially with a Weeks book in a simple design.

Staff List

Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
KAWAISOUNI!Clear Cover for Weeks (Opanchu Usagi - Headphone)



SizeH: 195mm x W: 204mm x T: 0.9mm / H: 7.7" x W: 8.0" x T: 0.0"
WeightApprox. 30 g
Main materialPVC

Please Read Before You Buy

In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order.

Avoid cold temperatures

The PVC vinyl of the Clear Cover may lose elasticity and become difficult to put on when left in cold temperatures. If this happens, we recommend letting the product sit in a warm area before applying to your cover. Please be careful when handling your Clear Cover in cold temperatures, as it becomes more susceptible to damage if dropped or handled roughly.

Maximum pen width of 13.5 mm for pen holder

The pen holder is designed to perfectly fit the 12.2 mm (0.48”) diameter Jetstream pen offered as a free bonus gift with select Japanese-version Hobonichi Web Shop products. Pens with certain shapes and materials may be difficult to pull through the holder. The holder can fit pens up to 13.5 mm (0.53”) in diameter.

If marking flap is hard to loosen, hold the rounded edge

If you’re having a hard time opening the marking flap, press your thumb strongly against the rounded edge of the flap as you hold the spot beside it in place.

Available for use with Weeks Mega (Colors series)

This size will fit the Hobonichi Techo Weeks Mega - Colors series. The product may feel tight at first, but it will break in over time.
The Clear Cover will have 1 cm loose plastic past the top and bottom when used with the Weeks Mega - Sneaker book series.