Plus x HobonichiDeco Rush

Deco Rush is a decorative tape that works like a correction tape and provides an easy way to spruce up your techo pages with a cute look. You can use it to accent where you’ve written plans for the day, or draw a line with it to make a section of the page stand out.

Because Deco Rush is a tape, it doesn’t have the unevenness of ink or show through the other side of the page. It also doesn’t have a thickness to it, so your book won’t become thick from it.

Use this product on a flat surface for best results. We recommend using a pencil board underneath the page to provide a flat surface.

There is also a special eraser sold separately designed to remove tape if applied by mistake.

This year, we’re pleased to bring you Deco Rush tape with original designs for the Hobonichi Techo. “Theme of the Day” contains topics for you to write about, “What shall I snack on?” contains popular snacks and foods, and “What a feast!” has an array of delicious meals. Then we’ve got some designs based on techo covers. These include “Skateboard Penguin,” “Round Panda,” “Camp Every Day,” and Cafe Repose.” That makes a total of seven designs to choose from. Each tape roll is 10 mm wide.

*The techo covers that contain the matching motifs for “Round Panda” (sold exclusively in China) and “Camp Every Day” are no longer available for sale.

The compact size of these tape dispensers allows them to fit into a pen case to easily carry around everywhere with your techo. They offer a great way to enjoy decorating your techo on a daily basis.

*The designs of the special eraser sold separately are distributed randomly and cannot be requested.

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Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
Plus x HobonichiDeco Rush
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Deco Rush
SizeH: 59mm x W: 25mm x T: 13mm / H: 2.3" x W: 1.0" x T: 0.5"
WeightApprox. 10 g
Main materialBody: Polystyrene / Tape: PET
Deco Rush Eraser
SizeH: 48mm x W: 19mm x T: 11mm / H: 1.9" x W: 0.7" x T: 0.4"
WeightApprox. 13 g
Main materialBody: PVC / Paper case: Recycled pulp content ratio over 60%

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Using this product

-This product is designed for one-time use. Tape cannot be refilled.
-Use on a flat surface. We also recommend using a pencil board.
-Do not use for any purpose besides transferring onto paper.
-The tape cannot be written on.