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These pre-cut strips of washi tape come in a slim packet that stores nicely in a planner cover pocket.

Pattern sets with a traditional 15 mm width include Cat, Frame 2, Flower 2, Flower 5, Hobbies with a warm touch of hand-drawn illustrations, Graphic with a flamboyant design using neon ink, and Flower with a sparkly metallic design, and each set offers a vibrant selection of 4 color variations. Each design includes 10 strips (40 total) that are 5 cm long for a perfect fit in your planner page. You can also fold the washi tape strip out from the edge of your page to make a decorative index tab.

Slim 7 mm by 5 cm designs includes the sets Canvas, Festival, Tyrolean, and Mix 2, Line. These sets include 8 designs and 10 strips each (80 total). The size makes them perfect for use as borders and decorations around the monthly calendar and other pages.

A set comes in a case that folds in half to the size of a business card, making it fit perfectly into a cover pocket. The pre-cut strips make it easy to just pull tape pieces out one at a time without having to cut it yourself, and the clean edges also look nice on paper.

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Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
King JimKitta
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Frame 2 / Flower 2 / Flower 5 / Cat / Graphic / Hobbies
SizeH: 171mm x W: 55mm x T: 2mm / H: 6.7" x W: 2.2 x T: 0.1
Weight10 g
Main materialWashi paper
SizeH: 171mm x W: 55mm x T: 2mm / H: 6.7" x W: 2.2 x T: 0.1
Weight11 g
Main materialPaper
Festival / Tyrolean / Line / Mix 2 / Canvas
SizeH: 171mm x W: 55mm x T: 2mm / H: 6.7" x W: 2.2 x T: 0.1
Weight10 g
Main materialPaper

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