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Take your pick!4 Techo Types

Hobonichi Techo PlannerInformational Pages

Memo page

The 2018 planner includes 12 dotted pages in the back for recording random thoughts and sketches or storing items of interest that aren’t time-sensitive.

Important Contacts

This page provides a place to keep up to 7 entries of often-used contacts and emergency contact information.

International Size Charts

Comparison charts for different countries include items such as clothing, shoes, hats and rings.

Conversion Table

This chart features conversions between units of measurement for easy reference and calculation, including a small ruler to measure centimeters and inches.

Highlights of the Calendar Year in Japan

This page introduces a list of festivals and other main events celebrated in Japan, such as Setsubun, hanami, Tanabata, summer fireworks festivals, and Christmas.

Chronology of Japanese History

This timeline features main events in Japanese history in each era.

Japanese Folk Tales

Get to know 6 of the most famous folk tales in Japan, including Momotaro, the crane’s gratitude, and Urashima Taro.

International Country Codes / Dialling Codes

Two-letter country codes are listed along with international dialling codes.

National Holidays

The holidays for 30 countries are listed in a handy chart, which can be used as a guide when making travel plans.

Personal Notes

Be sure to enter your contact information on the Personal Notes page in the back of your planner in case it’s misplaced. Do not include information that you don’t want others to know.

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