The Music of MOTHER Japanese
MOTHER 2 30th Anniversary Live Event The Music of MOTHER. Saturday, June 22, 2024 8:00~10:00 PM Japan time

The Music of MOTHER

We've always wanted to have a MOTHER music event, and the time has finally come. We're holding an exclusive live streaming event with a focus on the music of MOTHER and MOTHER 2. Keiichi Suzuki and a special band he has assembled will be performing live music for us.

Hirokazu Tanaka will be joining Keiichi Suzuki, as they had worked together on the soundtracks for MOTHER and MOTHER 2. He's planning on performing a remix of music from the MOTHER series.

You can also watch a round table discussion between the two musicians and the MOTHER series creator himself, Shigesato Itoi. We can't wait to see what kind of stories come up.


Saturday, June 22, 2024 8:00~10:00 PM Japan time

Tickets required

Part 1
Hirokazu Tanaka
Part 2
Shigesato Itoi & Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka
Talking about the music of MOTHER
The discussion will be held in Japanese. English interpretation or subtitles are not available.
Part 3
Keiichi Suzuki & the Tonzura MOTHER Band
The Music of MOTHER


  • Keiichi Suzuki
    Keiichi Suzuki
    Born in Tokyo in 1951. Began a musical career in the 1970's, and joined the band Hachimitsu Pie in 1972. Formed the band Moonriders in 1976. In addition to being in a band, he also produces music for a wide range of uses, including television commercials and compositions for other musical artists. He's also responsible for the game music for MOTHER and MOTHER 2. Won the Japan Academy Award for Best Music for his film compositions for Takeshi Kitano's films “Zatoichi” and “Beyond Outrage.”
    Tonzura MOTHER Band
    • Keiichi Suzuki (guitar, vocals)
    • Wataru Sawabe (guitar, chorus, vocals)
    • Yusuke Sato (keyboards, vocals)
    • Tomohiko Gondo (manipulator, horn)
    • Daniel Kwon (vocals)
    • NEW!Miu Sakamoto(vocals)
  • Hirokazu Tanaka
    Hirokazu Tanaka
    Born in 1957. Joined Nintendo as a Sound Engineer in 1980. Developed the audio hardware for the Famicom and Game Boy. Composed music and programming for many games including Metroid, Super Mario Land, and Dr. Mario. Worked together with Keiichi Suzuki to compose music for MOTHER and MOTHER 2. Has been composing music for the Pokemon series since 1997. Became the CEO and President of Creatures, Inc. in 2001. Has since retired from the company but still participates as a Creative Fellow. Also continues to release music under the name Chip Tanaka.
  • Shigesato Itoi
    Shigesato Itoi
    Born in Gunma in 1948. Director of Hobonichi Co., Ltd and a copywriter. Runs Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. Works in a wide variety of fields, including advertisements, song lyrics, writing, game development, and more. Currently focuses entirely on Hobonichi.

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