Lesson 1
The September launch date
will be spread across 3 days!

Lesson 2
Two important features:
Shipment Hold and
Merge Order

What do I do
if I want products
released on
different dates?

Purchase each product on its own release date
and use both the Shipment Hold and Merge Order options.
(If you don’t use the Merge Order option
when checking out later items, they’ll be placed in
separate orders with separate shipping costs.)

Buying the September 1st release Product A
and the September 3rd release Product B

After the product goes on sale on September 1st, 11 AM,
purchase Product A.
After completing your order,
immediately view the order history in your account,
click on the order, and select “Hold Shipment For Later.”
(If you skip this step, the order will be
shipped out before you’re ready.)

After the product goes on sale on September 3rd, 11 AM,
purchase Product B.
Click on “Merge to order” during checkout,
and your items will now be in the same order.
(Don’t click “Request split shipping,”
as you cannot merge several already-completed orders.)
View your order history in your account
and click “Start Shipment Process.”

Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive
Product A and Product B at your door,
all in the same package.
(You will have only paid the shipping fees once.)

Please see here for more information
about Shipment Hold and Merge Order options.
> A Guide to Shipment Holds & Order Merging

Lesson 3
The easiest method is
waiting until September 3rd
to buy everything!

Lesson 4
Full lineup on sale on
September 1st
at Tobichi shops and
Loft stores across Japan!