This Year’s Hobonichi Original Accessories

Here is a look at some of the upcoming lineup of Hobonichi original accessories.

There are all kinds of great items to use alongside the Hobonichi Techo.

Illustrated Cover on Cover and Clear Cover

These are the decorated versions of the Cover on Cover and Clear Cover, which are optional, extra coverings that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers and Hobonichi Techo Weeks books to protect them from wear and tear while instantly giving solid-color covers a fresh new look.

This year’s illustrated designs are by Saki Obata and Nao Sakamoto. Saki Obata’s illustrated scenes have a simple, warm touch, and Nao Sakamoto’s illustrations feature cute animals playing hide and seek. The look changes depending on the matchup between illustration.

  • Saki Obata
    Star Upon a City
    for Planner / Original
  • Saki Obata
    Sweet Memories
    for Cousin
  • Saki Obata
    Quiet Harbor
    for Weeks
  • Nao Sakamoto
    Hide and Seek at Night
    for Planner / Original
  • Nao Sakamoto
    Hide and Seek in the Forest
    for Cousin
  • Nao Sakamoto
    Hide and Seek in the Field
    for Weeks

Hobonichi Techo Stamp

These stamps feature the iconic look of the Hobonichi Techo cover, with its pen holders and dual bookmarks. The stamps come in two versions: a closed cover showing the exterior and an open cover showing the interior.
The stamp is designed to fit perfectly into the monthly calendar squares of the Hobonichi Techo Planner, Original, and Weeks. (Of course, it also fits into the Cousin monthly calendar squares with room to spare.) Use this stamp on an important day so you can write inside the design and have the entry stand out.

Hobonichi Index Stickers

These Index Stickers allow you to mark particular pages of the Hobonichi Techo so that you can open up to the intended page in one go, such as the monthly calendar or the daily page.
The Index Stickers are numbered from 1 through 12 and printed with the same color ink as the Original and the Cousin books. They are made in the same size as the monthly colored tab at the edge of the page of the Original for easy use. The stickers come in a set of 4 designs: “Monthly Calendar Index,” “Daily Page Index,” “Monkey Index,” and “Free Index.”

Anything Pocket (Clear)

This adhesive clear envelope can be attached to a page in your techo and provide a storage pocket. The pocket works great for storing business cards, point cards, notes, postage stamps, and more. The front of the pocket is clear, and the background is a bright yellow. This allows you to see the contents of the pocket at a glance, and the yellow background works well with any color to spruce up the look of whatever you’re storing inside.

Hobonichi Folder Set

This set of see-through folders fits perfectly with the Hobonichi Techo for storing receipts, clippings, and other items. It can be surprisingly difficult to find folders that match the size of the Planner / Original and Cousin, so it’s handy to have these folder sets available for extra storage alongside your Hobonichi Techo.

The designs by illustrator Nao Sakamoto feature adorable animals depicted in a light blue, yellow and pink color scheme. The colorful expressions of these animals are comforting to look at.

  • Nao Sakamoto
    Set of 3 A6 folders
    for Planner / Original
  • Nao Sakamoto
    Set of 2 A5 folders
    for Cousin

Hobonichi Translucent Sticky Notes -
“With Friends”

This set of sticky notes comes in 5 sizes and is designed to perfectly fit the graph paper size of the Japanese Hobonichi Techo monthly calendar and daily pages. The card-size holder fits perfectly into the cover pockets.
The cute background is by illustrator Nao Sakamoto. The adorable animals are drawn side by side, holding hands or telling stories to one another, and once you use up all the sticky notes, you’ll see a cute outfit.

Hobonichi Paper(s) “One Day”

This notepad is 155 sheets and the same size as the A6 Hobonichi Techo Planner / Original books, so it fits perfectly into planner covers. The paper inside is blank except for a lightly printed illustration, and the pages are glued in instead of sewn, making them very easy to rip out for shopping lists or passing along messages.
Illustrator Saki Obata has designed the artwork, which depicts a crisp morning on one side and a sparkling moon on the other side.

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