Kodomo no KaoPochitto6 Push-Button Stamp

This push-button stamp set contains six designs per item.

These stamps are self-inked, so you’ll be able to stamp icons easily by simply placing the stamp over where you want to stamp it and pushing the button. The button-like feeling makes it fun to stamp.

Each stamp size is 5.5mm and is quite small. It’s easy to use on the monthly calendar page to manage your schedules or add as an accent on your daily pages. Because each stamp uses a different color ink, it will add a fun touch of color to your techo.

The six designs come in one stick, making it portable enough to carry in a Zippers type cover or pen case.

We chose “What’s Today’s Weather?” with motifs related to the weather, “Schedule Book” to manage your daily schedules with ease, and “Check This Out!” to use where you want it to stand out.

Have fun decorating your techo with an easy push of the button.

Staff List

Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
Kodomo no KaoPochitto6 Push-Button Stamp



SizeH: 120mm x W: 65mm x T: 18mm / H: 4.7" x W: 2.6" x T: 0.7"
WeightApprox. 13 g
Main materialHolder: ABS/resin

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