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Hobonichi Techo Weeks

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Cover and
Basic Features

Thin and light

Even at 240 pages, the Weeks is incredibly compact. It’s 9 mm thick and weighs under 140 g, making it effortless to keep on hand. The Weeks Mega (only available in January-start) is 384 pages, 13 mm thick, and weighs 190 g.

*As the Weeks does not lay completely flat by itself, hold it down lightly with your hand as you write.

Wallet Size

The Weeks is about the size of a ladies’ wallet. It may look slim, but the surface area of a page is actually nearly the same as the A6 Planner and Original. The book fits perfectly into a suit pocket or bag.

Perfect planner paper

The thin, light paper, called Tomoe River paper, is strong and resistant to bleeding ― an ideal choice for a planner. The Weeks contains a cream-colored paper variant that’s easy on the eyes when used outdoors.

New in 2023

- Bonus pages have been updated.

Sections added in the 2023 edition

- My Favorite Things

- How to Better Enjoy Conversation

Sections removed since 2022 edition

- Hobonichi Techo Usage Ideas

- Stretches for Deep Sleep and Waking Up

- National holidays are subject to change due to law revisions.

About the English-version Weeks

The bonus pages are as follows:
- Using Common Items to Measure Size
- Favorites
- My 100
- My Favorite Things
- How to Better Enjoy Conversation
- 365 Days Check-Off Sheet
- Contact List
- Personal Notes

Variety of covers

The Weeks lineup offers a wide variety of designs on each book cover. Even after you pick out your favorite design, there are empty Weeks covers that hold your book and let you change things up and add pockets.

“2023” pressed leaf

The front cover of each Weeks planner is embossed with the current year in a way that complements the color scheme of each design.

Embossed spine

The spine of the Weeks book is embossed with “2023” for easy reference when storing the planner in a bookshelf.

(A small selection of covers is not embossed.)

Hobonichi logo

The Weeks has the logo embossed on the back cover.

HOBO pattern

The endpaper is designed with the letters from Hobonichi’s logo — shortened to HOBO — arranged in a chic design.

Two bookmarks

The Weeks includes two bookmarks you can use to hold your place in commonly-used pages.

Clear pocket

This clear pocket makes it easy to carry around loose notes or sticker sheets. It comes unattached, so peel off the back paper and stick it on the back (or front) endpaper if you’d like to use it.

Serial number

The serial number on the inside back cover gives each planner a unique identity, and makes your planner your very own special book.