HobonichiLarge Drawer Pouch (Q-rais: Suki-Usagi)

      This pouch is like carrying an entire drawer with you wherever you go. Keep it on hand to easily access stationery whenever you need it, or use it on your desk to safely store your important items.

      The Drawer Pouch is a new partner to the Hobonichi Techo. Like a Hobonichi Techo cover, it can store many items despite its compact size.

      This pouch is dotted with Suki-Usagi, a popular character created by manga artist, illustrator, and animator Q-rais. The material uses the same textured, shiny fabric used in neckties, and Suki-Usagi is featured with a variety of charming expressions and poses. The background color is a vivid lime green.

      The Large Drawer Pouch’s accordion-style opening gives it plenty of room for accessories, stationery, cards, documents, checkbooks, and more while making it easy to organize all of them by category. This year, the pouch has been improved to include two zipper pulls, making it easy to open from any point.

      Inside the pouch are card sleeves, a zipper pocket, and an expandable mesh pocket.

      *Pictured: “Black” Drawer Pouch

      Behind the 9 card sleeves, which can hold a variety of cards vertically, is a large pocket that can hold a full-size piece of printer paper folded in half or an A5-size folder. There’s also a medium-size pocket that can hold passports and other similar-size passes or booklets. The small pockets are also ideal for storing and organizing sticky notes, stickers, washi tape, and other handy items.

      The zipper pocket in the middle of the pouch interior is about 9.5 cm (3 3/4 inches) deep. It’s handy for storing pens, erasers, or any important or small items you’d like to secure with a zipper.

      The mesh pocket can store A5-size papers, or printer paper folded in half. Because you can see the contents of the pocket, it’s perfect for storing important items you’ll need, such as checkbooks or tickets.

      The pouch exterior has another pocket large enough to hold A5-size items.

      *Pictured: “Black” Drawer Pouch

      The pouch can hold many items, but its slim size and compact shape make it easy to fit into a bag.

      *Pictured: “Black” Drawer Pouch

      Keeping all your important items together in this pouch will leave the top of your desk and the inside of your bag much more organized. You’ll always be able to find what you need. It’s perfect for carrying around with you alongside your Hobonichi Techo so you can access things right when you need them.

      Various Uses for the Large Drawer Pouch

      A travel pouch can be a big help on trips when you know exactly where to find your most important belongings, such as money, your passport, and phone charger. By keeping all your travel items in one place, you won’t have to worry about misplacing an item or trying to find something. (Pictured: Luna Meadow)

      Turn your pouch into a convenient gadget case by storing your tablet, cords, chargers, and other accessories for your electronics. This provides an added bonus of cleaning up the clutter from your bag. (Pictured: Yellow)

      The pouch can provide storage like a tool box, allowing you to separate and organize items within the pouch, such as pencils, paperclips, notebooks, washi tape, and other stationery. (Pictured: Cactus)

      There’s plenty of room to store chocolates, crackers, and your favorite treats. This snack pouch will bring a smile to your face every time you open it up. (Pictured: Suki-Usagi)

      Keep your lip gloss, hand cream, and makeup tools in the pouch for easy access. The large size can also accommodate bottles and tubes. (Pictured: Sugar Rose)

      The pouch can be a great portable hygiene set if you keep your shaving set, hand cream, and other personal items stored inside. (Pictured: Dolphin Blue)

      Keeping all your medicine and hygiene products in the pouch makes it a very reliable first aid kit for the home. We recommend also keeping prescription forms in one of the pockets. (Pictured: Soda Water)

      Parents can have peace of mind by consolidating important health information and child care items like a thermometer on hand. The pouch makes it easy to grab and carry around town. (Pictured: Peacocks of Grantham Hall)

      You can use this as a game pouch, great for both cleaning up around the house and carrying your console on the go. Keep your console in the pouch alongside your favorite games. (Pictured: Pixel Patterns)

      The pouch can serve as a tool box for a specific purpose, such as a project or hobby. If you enjoy leather crafting, for example, here’s a look at a customized tool kit. (Pictured: Black)

      Make a scrapbooking pouch by storing stickers, ribbons, glue, scissors, and all the items you’d want on hand when you’re ready to dive into your favorite hobby. (Pictured: Flower Lace)

      Staff List

      Styled Images: Yusuke Abe / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
      Yutaka Aoki
      Masanori Godai
      HobonichiLarge Drawer Pouch (Q-rais: Suki-Usagi)



      SizeW: 270 x H: 208 x T: 20 mm / W:10.6" x H: 8.2" x T: 0.8"
      Handle: 110 mm / 4.3"
      *Specifications may vary slightly
      WeightApprox. 230 g
      Main materialPolyester

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      Pouch is not impact-resistant

      Please use caution when storing smartphones or other electronic devices in the pouch, as it is not built to protect contents from damage if dropped or struck.