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    Tote Bag

    This small tote bag is made with the same textiles used in the minä perhonen techo covers imagine and mermaid. It’s big enough to fit a Hobonichi Techo Cousin along with your wallet and any other personal items you’ll need when you’re out.

    The imagine tote bag is a non-gusseted design made from smooth cotton. In this dreamy, mysterious design, animals gather in a curious forest. The bag is navy blue with a gray print on the front.

    The mermaid tote bag is made with an embroidered textile that resembles fish scales or sea waves. It comes in green or gray to match the mermaid techo covers.

    The base material, called “dop,” is a special cloth created for making chairs and other furniture. It’s created by pasting together two differently-colored textiles front to back, giving the bag a cozy look.

    About minä perhonen

    Fashion brand created by designer Akira Minagawa.
    First founded in 1995 under the name minä. Opened the first shop in Shirokanedai, Tokyo in 2000, and renamed the brand name to "minä perhonen" in 2003.
    In Finnish, “minä” means “I,” and “perhonen” means “butterfly,” expressing Minagawa’s hopes to create designs as light-hearted and beautiful as the flapping wings of a butterfly.
    Opened a total of 9 shops across Japan. In 2016, opened new locations in Daikanyama, in the Spiral building in Aoyama, Tokyo, and in Kanazawa.

    minä perhonen Website

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    SizeW: 225 x H: 280 (excluding handle) x T: 5 mm / W: 11" x H: 9.8" (excluding handle) x T: 0.2"
    WeightApprox. 46 g
    Main materialCotton, synthetic leather
    mermaid - green
    SizeW: 250 x H: 250 (excluding handle) x T: 60 mm / W: 9.8" x H: 9.8" (excluding handle) x T: 2.4"
    WeightApprox. 125 g
    Main materialPolyester blend
    mermaid - gray
    SizeW: 250 x H: 250 (excluding handle) x T: 60 mm / W: 9.8" x H: 9.8" (excluding handle) x T: 2.4"
    WeightApprox. 125 g
    Main materialPolyester blend

    Please Read Before You Buy

    In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order.

    Embroidered sections may vary in thickness and slightly curl

    Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the thickness of the embroidery may vary, causing it to slightly curl off-course.

    Hand-printing and resist-printing methods result in smudges and markings on the surface

    The print methods for this product include hand-printing and resist-printing. This results in smudges or markings that vary by product. In addition, rubbing the material against other surfaces may cause the dye to stain. Staining is especially a risk when the material is damp with water or sweat, so handle with care around clothing or other belongings.
    The cover exterior contains a raised-nap finish that may attract dust or other particles. You can use a lint roller to clean the cover, but be sure to avoid using tape with strong adhesive, as this may damage the material.

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