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    HobonichiHobonichi Mini Game Book

    This booklet contains various mini pen-and-paper games to pass the time, such as Japanese crossword puzzles and spot the difference. Sudoku and mazes are provided by game book publisher Nikoli. Some of the spot the difference puzzles feature regulars in the Hobonichi website lineup, including Butafine and Sonigiri-kun. The puzzles are fun to play when killing time alone, or when spending quality time with family and friends.

    The booklet does contain a small number of games that don’t require Japanese knowledge, such as Sudoku, but most puzzles are in Japanese, making it an extremely fun and effective way for students of Japanese language to practice their hiragana, katakana, and vocabulary!

    The booklet fits nicely alongside an A6 Planner / Original book and is comfortable to carry around so you can have it on you whenever free time pops up.

    Table of Contents:

    - “Clothing” Crossword Puzzle (Japanese)

    - “Food” Crossword Puzzle (Japanese)

    - “Residence” Crossword Puzzle (Japanese)

    - “Animals” Nankuro Crossword Puzzle (Japanese)

    - “Countries” Word Search (Japanese)

    - “Butafine” Spot the Difference

    - “Sonigiri-kun” Spot the Difference

    - Maze

    - Connect the Dots

    - Sudoku #1 / #2 / #3

    - Riddles (Japanese)

    PriceJPY540(incl. tax, excl. shipping)

    Shipping Date1-3 business days
    International ShippingAvailable


    Hobonichi Mini Game Book
    SizeW: 95 mm × H: 140 mm × T: 2.5 mm
    Weight25 g
    Main materialPaper Type: Woodfree uncoated paper

    Cover: Matte PP processed
    Other informationPage Count: 32 pages

    Binding Type: Sewn saddle stitch

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