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    Liberty FabricsIrmaWeeks Cover Only

    *Weeks planner book sold separately.

    This cover features a beautiful Liberty Print textile from the venerable British fabric brand Liberty Fabrics.

    “Irma” is one of the most popular designs in the Liberty print lineup. Red and yellow wildflowers are delicately painted over a white background, giving the botanical image an artistic, hand-drawn feel.

    The cover interior is made with pink-beige leather and contains a gold zipper. Because the inner pockets have flat zipper pulls, they won’t damage the cover of the Weeks book you store inside.

    The zipper pull is a simple charm attached with white leather.

    This cover is made with Liberty Fabric’s own "Tana Lawn" material, a meticulously processed cotton fabric with a uniquely silken feel.

    *Due to the construction of the cover, the material along the spine may become slack when the cover is opened flat.

    About Liberty Fabrics

    Liberty Art Fabrics is a printed fabric brand from England founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917), who discovered the beauty of Japanese art during a World’s Fair in London in the 19th century. The company originated as a small import shopwith oriental ornaments and fabrics. The delicate silk and intricate hand-dyed art were praised by followers of the Art Nouveau movement, and in the 1880’s, Liberty began printing high-quality cotton textiles as a way to recreate sturdy versions of thedelicate Eastern silks. This is the original of Liberty Print, which has created intricate prints bursting with color and complex designs ever since.

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    SizeW: 120 x H: 208 x T: 23 mm / W: 4.7" x H: 8.2" x T: 0.9"
    *Excluding zipper pull
    *Specifications may vary slightly
    WeightApprox. 175 g
    Main materialCotton

    Please Read Before You Buy

    In order to provide you with the most satisfaction for your product, we've compiled a list of warnings, potential issues, and tips to keep in mind for this particular product. Please be sure to read this information carefully before placing your order.

    All covers are hand-made and may contain slight variances

    Each and every cover is individually sewn by a factory worker hand-operating a sewing machine. Best efforts are made to ensure consistent sizes and specifications, but there may be slight differences.

    Pattern alignment varies by cover

    The patterned material has not been aligned to a specific layout, so the placement of each design will vary by cover. The cover will not be an exact replica of the one in the product photographs.

    Coloring may stain other objects

    The dye in the cover may stain other objects if it rubs against or sticks to them, especially if the cover is wet from water or sweat from your hands. Please store with care.

    Interior of cover may be loose

    The interior of the cover may not be perfectly taut due to limitations during the manufacturing process.

    Avoid pulling the zipper charm

    Please open and close the cover by pulling on the base of the zipper pull itself, and not the charm hanging from the zipper pull. Pulling the zipper by the charm may result in damage.

    Pen is difficult to insert into pen holder at first

    This pen holder works by holding the clip of a pen. The pen holder is rigid at first, making it difficult to insert pens. You can speed up the breaking-in process by rolling the pen holders in your hand.

    Overstuffing the cover may result in tearing or damage

    This cover is designed to store tools, documents, and other stationery together with the planner book. Attempts to close the cover when it contains too many items may damage the material. Please avoid storing more than the cover can hold.

    This cover is meant to be fitted with one side of the Weeks book cover

    This cover is designed to hold only one side of the planner book cover. Forcing both sides of the book into the cover will place stress on the book spine and may cause ripping or hinder the zipper.

    Color may vary slightly based on viewing screen

    The color of the product may be slightly different in actuality than compared to how it appeared on a computer or smartphone screen.

    Metal piece on charm deepens in color over time

    The metal piece on the charm is made of brass and naturally changes color over time. If the color changes, polish it using a cleaning cloth.

    Staff List

    PhotographerStyled Images: Kimiko Kaburaki / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
    StylistMegumi Nishimori
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