Please read before placing an order

1. About our sales method

Please refer to each product page for sales distribution period, method of sales, product content, and price.

* For any kinds of change with the sales, we will update the information on each product page.

2. Delivery schedule

We are planning on shipping within 3 to 7 business days (excluding week-ends and holidays) from your order. In addition, delivery time differs for the product below, so please be forewarned.

Product name Shipping date
Hobonichi Diary 2011 After October

* If you order a product combined with another that has a different delivery time, we will combine and arrange it with the product that has a later shipment time.

When details of shipping schedule are all set, we will announce it in our site and via email. An email will also be sent to your given email address to notify you when your order is shipped.

In addition, please note that according to the time of your order and our inventory, we might need a week or two.

* Please note that orders cannot be changed once it enters shipping preparation.

3. Shipping charges/shipping carriers

We will use Yamato Transport. Co.LTD. as our carrier.
We will charge a flat fee of 630 yen for domestic delivery and handling.

We use Express Mail Service (EMS) as our carrier.
An extra 500 yen is charged as handling fee in addition to your EMS shipping cost. EMS shipping rates vary according to weight of the package and area of destination.

Please visit this page for price confirmation. Also, check this page for product weight. Now, we will be informing you about customs and clearance for entry on this page. Please visit and confirm.

4. Method of payment

Your method of payment will differ within domestic and abroad. Also, your payment time will differ depending on the method of your payment, so please view and confirm the chart below.

Method of payment Japan/Other Payment time
Credit card (VISA, Master, JCB, Amex, Diners only) Japan/Other On the day after the order enters into shipping preparation
COD Japan only Exchange with your product arrival
Convenience store payment/postal money transfers
(available when payment total charge is within 30,000 yen)
Japan only within 14 days after your product has arrived (pay later)

* If you wish for a gift dispatch, we only take credit cards. For details about our gift dispatch, please refer here.

For each payment method, details are as below.

Credit card available (Japan and other)

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners can be used for credit card payment.

Please read before placing your order

Payment due date and handling wee is originally set by you and your associated credit card company. Since handling fee is individually agreed with the customer and the company. Please read your terms and regulations of usage about your credit company.

For more details, view here.

Convenience store/postal money transfers (domestic only)

Please use the payment slip, enclosed with your package and pay at your post office within 14 days of arrival.

Please confirm

Since April 2006, there is a purchase sum limit for convenience store payment and postal money transfers. The payment total amount is limited to 30,000 yen (tax included). We humbly ask you to change your payment method if your payment total amount exceeds 30,000 yen.
Please keep your copy of the payment slip for more than 6 months.
Hobonichi will pay for your payment handling fee.

For more details about convenience store payment, and postal money transfers, please view here.


Please pay when your product arrives.
Other than the product cost, a flat fare of 210 yen (tax included) will be uniformly charged as shipment handling fee.

For more details about COD, please view here.

5. Shopping procedures

Most purchases at the Hobonichi Store are ordered using the Hobonichi Store Note.

Hobonichi Store Note is a system to confirm, change your name, address, and orders provided by you, and share product delivery status between the store and you.

* Considering the safety of your personal information, so that it would not be viewed from others, Hobonichi Store Note uses a coded mechanism system called SSL.

* We will never use your personal information provided to Hobonichi Store Note other than to deliver your product. Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" page for detailed guide.

Ordering and handling procedures are easy at Hobonichi Store Note. Please give orders by referring to the steps indicated below.

How to place an order in Hobonichi Store Note

To place an order, please enter the quantity in the blank fileds of each product's order form and press "order" button to proceed to Hobonichi Store Note.
You will be alerted with "Have you seen 'Please read before placing an order'". So, all customers who have double checked this page, please press "OK" to display Hobonichi Store Note on your monitor. The blue note on your left will be the exclusive entrance for customers who are shopping for the first time. Click the button "I am a new customer" and proceed. Again, for those of you ordering using the Hobonichi Store Note before, please enter your email address and your password to proceed to the orange note at your right.

After that, follow the guidelines displayed on your screen, and enter the necessary information to complete your order.

When your order is complete, we confirm you via email.

Fill in all the necessary information needed for your order, and you will receive "Your order has been completely accepted" (confirmation mail) within 15 minutes to your email address that you have provided.

There are cases where confirmation email does not reach you due to wrong email address indication, and if you are rejecting automatically sent emails. In that case, indicate your:

• Order number
• Email address used when ordering
And let us know at

Yet, please note that there are cases where it takes more than 15 minutes for our email to reach you when orders are crowded, and depending on your provider.

Again, Hobonichi Store is sending a direction email under the assumption that it is viewed using a personal computer.

There are cases where you are unable to receive our confirmation email if you have indicated your mobile-phone email address. Please double check when you fill out your email address.

Change and cancel orders.

Changes and cancels of orders may take place only during the order registration period to assure a fair environment.
Please note that the end of availability is when the order of sales runs to the planned sales quantity stage.

In addition, after receiving your order, we proceed with delivery arrangement in order of precedence starting with products that are ready. So, change in order content should take place before 10a.m the next business day of your order.

* Please note that you are unable to make changes in items that have already entered the shipping process.
However, customers who desire to do so for compelling reasons, please contact us via email at Please take in consideration that in that case, there is a possibility of delay in arrival of your package.

To view how to cancel, see here, to change your product content details, view here.

There might be a temporary suspension in usage of (Hobonichi Store Note) due to maintenance and inspection etc.In that case, we will notify you in this page. Please be forewarned, and we thank you in advance for your continued support.

6. Computer settings

In order for us to receive your orders for products precisely and safely, information provided for HOBONICHI-store-note such as customer’s address and credit card numbers are all coded and data communicated using Thawte SGC Super Certs (128bit SSL).

For your order and handling to be convenient and easy, Hoobnichi Store sales system uses "Cookie". To receive your order for products precisely and safe, we ask you humbly to put your orders through Hobonichi Store Note.

Our order form may not perform properly if certain conditions are not fulfilled.
Please check your computer for the following settings before placing your order.

Please confirm your Operating System and your Internet browsing software version.

Hobonichi Store recommends the following operation system and Internet browser.

Windows OS:
Windows XP/Windows 2000
Internet browser :
Internet Explorer 6.0 Firefox 1.0.7 (or later)
Mac OS:
Mac OSX 10.3(or later)
Internet browser :
Safari 1.3(or later) firefox 1.0.7 (or later)

Please note that we have confirmed its performance for Operating System and Internet browsers listed below, but there are cases where a fraction will not be able to use Hobonichi Store Note.

Windows OS:
Windows Me/Windows98SE
Internet browser:
Internet Explorer6.0
Mac OS:
Mac OSX/Mac OS9

Performance has not been tested on operating systems and Internet browsers other than the above. If you are unable to place your order, please try from an computer that fulfills the requirements above.

Please note that orders cannot be placed from devices other than personal computers, such as mobile/cellular phones.

JavaScript and Cookie Setting Requirements

We use Cookie and JavaScript in our website.
Please enable JavaScript functions on your computer to use our site.
If your browser does not accept Cookie, please configure it to accept Cookie from websites.

Please verify the date and time in your computer.

If the date and time is not set properly in your computer, an error message will be displayed, and you will be unable to use Hobonichi Store Note.

Before placing an order
• Is your time zone set in your country and district where you are located?
• Is date and time, set properly?
Please double check 2 points above.

7. Returns and replacements

Please inform us at within 14 days of delivery for returns and replacements. Please read this page for more details.

8. For more information

Please contact us at for inquiries about Hobonichi Store Note.

Store hours weekdays 10am-17pm (Japan standard time)

Please note that inquiries after operating time, weekends and holidays might be answered by the next business day.