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Techo team members will be talking about sales information,
their recommended stationery, usage examples, and more.

[Hello! Download City: Vol.1]
Welcome to Download City!

Hi everyone!

Our (Hobonichifs) winter vacation started yesterday, and during the holiday season, Ifll be updating the Techo News under the theme gHello! Download City.h

. . . You might be wondering, what is Download City? Well, itfs a page where you can find handy materials to print out and tape into your Hobonichi Techo!

Some of these pages have been included in the bonus pages towards the back of the techo (you might recognize My 100 for example), and some were made originally for Download City. The sheets have been sized for the Original/Planner (A6 size), Cousin (A5 size) and Weeks size, so you can download one depending on the size of the techo youfre using to cut and paste in your techo.
*Please note some pages aren't available in all sizes.

We even have printable designs you can insert for your cover.

Print your favorite and insert it under a Cover on Cover (or Clear Cover) to change the look of your techo cover!

Over the next couple of days, I will be introducing you to some of the pages in depth, as well as detailed guides on how exactly you can use it.

I hope you look forward to it!