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Introducing the Anytime Tote Series!

Hello! Today, on December 1st, sales for the new Drawer Pouch designs begin! Cute designs such as Aki Kondo's Field of Flowers and Whisker Cat will join the lineup.

Additionally, we've added a companion to the Drawer Pouch, the Anytime Tote! It comes in three styles: the Anytime Tote, the Anytime Tote Petit, and the Anytime Drawstring Bag.

I've used all three types, so here I'll be talking about what they're like and my personal thoughts on them while talking through each of their characteristics.

Anytime Tote

First up is the large-sized tote bag "Anytime Tote." The fabric is sturdier than the thinner reusable bags out there, and it's lined and comes with large pockets.

A bag this size made of leather or canvas material for example tends to be heavy, but a characteristic of the Anytime Tote is that it's light while still having plenty of storage. On top of that, the fabric used is cute. I think there aren't that many bags like this.

I use it to put in my change of clothes and towels when going to yoga classes and carry around my laptop with this when I'm headed to the office. It's useful because I can throw in scarves and layers that tend to get bulky when carrying around.

Anytime Tote Petit

This is the Anytime Tote Petit that comes with short shoulder straps. It comes in handy when I'm going out for lunch or to have a stroll around. Even when I put in my purse, techo, and water bottle, because it's gusseted it still has plenty of room.

It uses the same material that's not too thin but light, so it doesn't bother me when I hang it from my shoulders. Rather, it rests well on my shoulders and I like how it's easy to hold.

Anytime Drawstring Bag

Last up is my personal favorite, the Anytime Drawstring Bag. Because the fabric used is fashionable, I found it comes in handy as a handbag to carry around when going out. I'm able to gather my smartphone, wallet, handkerchief, lipstick, and keys all in one place and because it's a drawstring-type bag, it's easy to pull out its contents.

The Anytime Drawstring Bag is really cute when paired with matching Drawer Pouch Pockets. The balance of the two sizes is perfect too. I also think it would be useful to put the Anytime Drawstring Bag inside the Anytime Tote if you have a lot to carry when going out.

Here was my brief introduction on the Anytime Tote series that's fun to pair with the Drawer Pouch. I hope you enjoy the new lineup!