LIFEのBOOK HOBONICHI TECHO 2024 spring On sale February 1st, 2024!

Enchanted by the spring breeze. On sale February 1st, 2024!
A fresh breeze has blown gently through the Hobonichi Techo 2024 lineup. We are pleased to announce the release of the Spring edition, the April-start techo that will surely get you looking forward to the spring season, even in the cold month of February. The newly designed techo covers include collaborations with Keiko Shibata and covers in an all-new style. The techo books are also available in the April-start versions. Come and enjoy the early spring breeze as you explore the new techo.

Keiko Shibata

You can now enjoy Keiko Shibata’s artworks drawn on the theme of “wind” on the techo. Read on for the talk between Keiko Shibata and Shigesato Itoi.


“tragen” is a chic techo cover that carries stationery and other essential items.
minä perhonen

piece, (Spring Mix)

Spring version of a series of patchwork covers assembled by hand using small pieces of fabrics. Available through lottery sale.
Tsuchiya Bag Factory

Starter Techo (Roll)

These techo covers are made of Tsuchiya Bag Factory’s long-loved natural leather. A lottery sale will be held for the spring edition as well.
Tools & Toys

Hobonichi Weekly Calendar
2024 Spring (April-start)

Use it with an A6 Hobonichi Techo Original to see your week's plans on a two page spread.
Hobonichi Techo 2024 Spring

[Launch commemorative]
Spring special shop

A shopping space for you to try the new items for the spring edition. We will also be selling bread at Tobichi Tokyo!

The Hobonichi Techo Weeks book will use the “Tomoe River S” paper from the spring edition.