Basic questions and concerns about the Hobonichi TechoBasic questions and concerns about the Hobonichi Techo

Have you had a chance to check out the Hobonichi Techo 2021 lineup since it was revealed on August 25th?

If you saw the lineup and thought you’d like to try using a Hobonichi Techo for the very first time, then first of all: Welcome! We’d like to answer some simple questions and concerns that might be helpful for anyone who’s just learning about the Hobonichi Techo (“tetch-oh”).

Question/Concern 1

QWhat does the “Hobonichi” in Hobonichi Techo mean?

Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun—“Hobonichi” for short—is a website founded on June 6th, 1998 and updated every day since. In 2001, the Hobonichi team set out to make a techo, or planner, they would want to use themselves. In the 20 years since then, many other people have come to use it, too.

Question/Concern 2

QWhat makes it different from other planners?

The Hobonichi Techo’s daily pages are its most distinct feature. They offer plenty of blank space, which gives users total freedom to customize their planner, and an interesting quote from the website on each spread. The book opens completely flat, and its thin paper keeps it compact while keeping ink from bleeding through. It’s been polished through many years thanks to trial and error and feedback from users, and we’re proud of how simple and comfortable it is to use.

Question/Concern 3

QWhat do people write in it?

Aside from obvious answers, like tracking a schedule or keeping a journal, you may see someone use their techo as a notebook to write about their hobbies, a travelogue while they’re on vacation, or a way to chart their child’s growth—sometimes all in the same book! The techo is designed to cater to its user’s own unique lifestyle and interests, so you can use it for absolutely anything you’d like. Some people even ignore the dates at the top of the pages entirely, simply focusing on collecting all their thoughts in one place.

Question/Concern 4

QWhat should I do when I have nothing to write?

First, don’t worry about leaving blank pages! But if you’re the kind of person who can’t stand missing a day, there’s always plenty to write down. You could write down what you ate, or how much sleep you got; you could tape in a receipt from that day’s errands, or throw any other short, noncommittal entry down on the page. You could even just write “I’ve got nothing to write today.” Just remember that writing nothing at all is fine, too—it’s all up to you.

Question/Concern 5

QI never finish anything I start. Will I be able to keep using it?

Try it out for two weeks. You don’t have to write much—just jot down whatever pops into your head, or track your weight, or record what you had for dinner. We recommend deciding what kinds of things you’d like to write, and what time of day you’d like to write in it. Before you know it, a few days of writing something in your techo could turn into a habit.

Question/Concern 6

QIs this supposed to be for my personal life?

Some people use their Hobonichi Techo for work, but others keep track of their home and work schedules all at once, without worrying about separating them. Whether you want a personal planner, a work planner, or one notebook to keep everything, the techo is perfectly accommodating.

Question/Concern 7

QI’ve always thought of the techo as something just for skilled artists.

You don’t have to draw to use the techo! The nice, open layout may seem like it’s inviting you to, but it’s absolutely fine to just fill its pages with writing. If you still want a special look for your entries, tape in ticket stubs or use stamps and washi tape to add some flair. Even if you’re not an artist, it’s super easy to spruce up your pages.

Question/Concern 8

QWhere can I buy one?

The Hobonichi Techo is available at the Hobonichi Techo Official Website (hosted on Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun), but you can also visit our in-person shops: Tobichi Tokyo in Aoyama and Tobichi Kyoto in Kawaramachi. A limited selection from the full lineup is also available at the Hobonichi CultureN shop on the fourth floor of Parco in Shibuya, Tokyo. If you order our products from any of those locations you’ll get an exclusive bonus item.

You can also find select products at Hobonichi special events as well as shops across Japan, including Loft and Tokyu Hands department stores, and Maruzen and Kinokuniya bookstores. Select products are also available on some online retailers, like and Rakuten Books.

Question/Concern 9

QThere are so many different pages on the official website that I don’t know where to begin.

Feel free to start with “About the Hobonichi Techo,” where we explain what the techo is and illustrate the history of the Hobonichi Techo. Next, check out the Book Buying Guide, which explains the contents of each book in detail and includes comparison charts to help you narrow things down. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the techo, you can pick out exactly the one you want in the Hobonichi Techo Lineup. Later, the “Fun Stuff” and “How It’s Used” pages will help you get even more enjoyment out of your new techo.

Question/Concern 10

QCan I buy just a cover?

Yes, of course! Hobonichi Techo covers have lots of pockets that are great for storage, so you can keep all kinds of things in them. The Zippers covers can even work kind of like a zip-up pouch. But we’d be thrilled to know you’re using the cover with a techo book inside!

Question/Concern 11

QWhat do I do when I’m done with it?

Some people keep their techos lined up on a shelf with all their other books, or tucked safely away in boxes. Other people might leave theirs close at hand, so they can read back through it any time. Wherever they store them, many users like to save their books as a precious record of their daily lives.

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