Today we’re going to tell you about the Hobonichi Techo collaboration
with the German toymaker Steiff,
a relationship now going into its third year.

This year’s theme is a Trinity,

and we’ve got a little story to present this theme to you.

  • Trinity - The Three Bears

  • Deep in a forest in Germany,
    there was a kingdom where everyone loved chocolate.

  • This is the king of the land.

    He was a man of habit.

  • Whenever anything intrigued him,
    he took out his techo and wrote an entry about it.

  • He was very proud of his techo,
    with its teddy bear face on the cover.

  • One day, the king called for his vassals.

    "I have heard tell of a cover somewhere in these lands that can fit this techo,"
    he said.

  • "I beseech you to go out and find a nice cover for me."

  • The vassals were a trio of small bears,

    named Choco, Au Lait, and Bisc.

  • What was a techo cover?

    The three bears did not know,
    but they went out to search for one.

  • They hitched a ride on a blue-footed booby
    and flew off to the city in the kingdom!

  • They first happened upon a gentleman with a mustache.
    What was that he had, with the same design as his necktie?

    Could it be a techo cover?

  • The man showed him their techo, and the three bears began to sing.

    ♪ So many bears! We’re so happy!

  • ♪ So thin and light! We’re so happy!

  • ♪ We can play hide and seek! We’re so happy!

    ♪ Techo covers are wonderful!

  • But the necktied gentleman replied,
    "Alas, this is not a cover. This is a techo book.

    I’m afraid it’s not what you’re looking for."

  • Inside the chocolate shop was a classy gentlewoman.

    She had a chocolate-colored wallet.
    Could it be a techo cover?

  • Choco hung from the lady’s techo and gaily sang out.

    ♪ Curly-whirly fur! I’m so happy!

  • ♪ Makes a fine bed! We’re so happy!

  • ♪ So much money! We’re so happy!

    ♪ Techo covers are wonderful!

  • But the classy gentlewoman replied,

    "The king has a daily techo, has he not?
    This cover holds a Weeks.
    I’m afraid it’s not what you’re looking for."

  • Finally, the bears came across a young lady.
    Could that be a techo cover?

    Let’s take a look!

  • Oh! What’s this?

  • Wowie zowie!

    It’s a bookmark with bear faces!

    And three of them!

  • The three bears began to shout and dance for joy
    until they became completely tangled in the bookmarks.

    ♪♪♪ Three bookmarks! We’re so happy!

  • ♪ A bear paw pen holder!
    We’re so happy!

  • ♪ It fits so much! We’re so happy!

    ♪ Techo covers are wonderful!

  • The young lady replied with a smile,
    “Yes, techo covers are wonderful.”

  • Now that the bears had finally found a techo cover,
    they borrowed it from the young lady and brought it to the king.

  • The king was pleased with the young lady’s cover
    and had the same one made for himself.

  • To thank the bears for finding him a techo cover,
    the king made them special chocolate treats with their picture on it.

  • Choco and Au Lait and Bisc rejoiced.

  • The young lady received a great deal of the chocolate too,
    of course.

  • The chocolate celebrating the three bears
    came to be a big hit in the kingdom.

  • Much time has passed since then, but to this day,
    a picture of the three bears is displayed on the walls of the palace.

  • The End

How did you like it?
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