101 DalmatiansHobonichi Pencil Board (101 Dalmatians)

Out of the Hobonichi original accessories, the Hobonichi Pencil Board is one of the most popular items. Keeping it underneath the page you’re writing on allows the reinforcement to provide an enjoyable writing experience. They fit perfectly to the size of the techo book, and will prevent your pen from sliding on the page, and not leave indentations on the opposite page, making for a comfortable writing experience.

The 101 Dalmatians pencil boards come in three sizes: A6, A5, and for the Weeks. The designs feature the dalmatian puppies from the 1961 Disney Animation film One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

The A6 size pencil board features the puppies making various facial expressions. The A5 size and Weeks pencil boards show a close-up of one of the puppies.

The back of each size pencil board has a different background color to give it a feel different from that of the front. The A6 size includes sleeping puppies on the back. The A5 size includes the puppies’ parents, Pongo and Perdita. The Weeks size shows three of the puppies happily racing each other.

One side is labeled by millimeter to act as a metric ruler, and a “Today” tab on the corner marks the current page if you’d like to use it as a bookmark as well. Try the Hobonichi Pencil Board for yourself and you’ll see how great it is to use.

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Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
101 DalmatiansHobonichi Pencil Board (101 Dalmatians)
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for A6 Size
SizeW: 103mm x H: 155mm x T: 0.4mm / H: 6.1" x W: 4.1" x T: 0.0"
WeightApprox. 6 g
Main materialSynthetic paper (Yupo)
*Surface: Matte PP finish
for A5 Size
SizeH: 215mm x W: 147mm x T: 0.4mm / H: 8.5" x W: 5.8" x T: 0.0"
WeightApprox. 13 g
Main materialSynthetic paper (Yupo)
*Surface: Matte PP finish
for Weeks
SizeH: 187mm x W: 88mm x T: 0.4mm / H: 7.4" x W: 3.5" x T: 0.0"
WeightApprox. 7 g
Main materialSynthetic paper (Yupo)
*Surface: Matte PP finish

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