Malhia KentKinchaku Bag - Bonbon Tweed

This kinchaku bag uses fabric by the renowned fancy tweed maker Malhia Kent.

The textile features a white background woven with vibrant pink threads for a fun pop design, as well as attractive silver threads sprinkled throughout and some threads tied together.

The base is a round shape and has plenty of storage. The opening of the bag opens widely, so you’ll be able to put in and pull out things easily. The interior is an eye-popping pink with a single pocket.

The handle is made with natural leather that deepens in color the longer you use it.

You can simply pull the rope to close the bag and hang the lengthened rope over your shoulder. The handles will end up where your shoulder is so the rope doesn’t dig into you. Or, by keeping the handles in the center of the bag and pulling out the rope on either side, you can carry the bag like a handbag. It’s easy to use the bag in all kinds of places when you have two different ways of carrying it around.

About Malhia Kent

Fabric maker, founded in 1958. Founder Malhia Kent was born in Paris. In her 20s, while studying law, she came across a handloom at an antique shop. Buying it on a whim, she taught herself to use it by trial and error, without any knowledge of textiles. Eventually she created a spotted “fancy tweed” textile that made its debut for a high-end European brand, and went on to create tweed for several brands. After her death, Kent’s designs and vision have been carried on.

Staff List

Styled Images: Yuki Aizawa / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
Kaho Yamaguchi
Makeup & Hair
Keita Iijima (mod's hair)
Ran Taniguchi
Malhia KentKinchaku Bag - Bonbon Tweed



SizeH: 205mm x W: 160mm x D: 165mm / H: 8.1" x W: 6.3" x D: 6.5"
Handle: 450mm / 17.7"
*Specifications may vary slightly
WeightApprox. 160 g
Main materialExterior: Cotton, nylon, acrylic, viscose blend / Interior: Polyester

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