HobonichiHobonichi Note (Semi B5)

    This all-new notebook is based on design psychology and reduces eye strain.

    If only I could take the edge off my children’s reluctance to do their homework. If only there was a notebook that was easier on my eyes, and made it easier to concentrate.
    Haruo Hibino addressed these concerns through the work of his research team at BB STONE Design Psychology Unit, a venture business of Chiba University’s Faculty of Engineering.

    The ruled paper is unique in that the horizontal lines crossing the page are interrupted by short vertical lines that form a subtle grid.

    Even though they aren’t connected, the end result looks like one straight line. It’s an optical illusion accommodated by the way our brains work.

    The design is soft with lines that aren’t too overbearing, so the notebook doesn’t feel menacing when you open it and doesn’t tire your eyes over a long writing session. It also allows you to smoothly write out words and charts.

    The result was a design, patented in 2020, that’s never been tried before.

    The size is semi B5 and the covers come in a total of 5 colors, so you can buy them individually or as a full set of 5. You could separate each color by subject or genre, such as using yellow for English and blue for math. You could also base each color on any kind of theme you want, such as writing in the gray notebook when you want to calm down, or using the red notebook when you’re in a fighting spirit.

    The Hobonichi Note is designed to give you a gentle nudge to write, so you can enjoy overcoming something you’re not looking forward to, or start learning something new. It’s time to fully enjoy the experience of moving your hands and writing things down.

    For studying, hobbies, and daily life

    Hobonichi Note Usage Examples

    The Hobonichi Note is useful for studying and learning, of course, but it also makes a good notebook for writing about hobbies or using it for daily life or work. The cover comes in 5 colors, so you can use several and assign each color a different theme.

    • As a school notebook

    You can use the notebook for your school studies or other classes you take. The layout makes it easy to cleanly draw out charts and tables, so it works especially well for math and science. The lines are spaced 7mm apart, giving you plenty of room to write in each line.

    You can draw freehand tables and charts. The layout works like a lined notebook to write horizontally, or a graph notebook with lines to guide your drawings.

    • As a learning notebook

    The notebook can also collect all the things you’re learning or studying as an adult. You can cleanly line up the headers of each section you write, making it easy to organize your notes and look back through it later.

    It works great for learning a foreign language and providing a place to take notes you can refer back on. You can line up the header of each section nicely.

    • A notebook for hobbies or daily life

    You can collect all kinds of information in your notebook about hobbies or daily life, such as home-cooking recipes, a record of books you’ve read, an expense report, and more. The lines don’t feel intrusive when you want to include a drawing in your page.

    It’s easy to include graphs and illustrations in your pages, and the layout provides a nice guide for itemized lists.

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    HobonichiHobonichi Note (Semi B5)
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    Hobonichi Note (Semi B5)
    SizeW: 179mm x H: 252mm x T: 4mm / W: 7.0" x H: 9.9" x 0.2"
    WeightApprox. 120 g
    Main materialCover: Coated cardboard
    Pages: Woodfree uncoated paper (70g/㎡) *Does not use Tomoe River paper
    Pages30 sheets (60 pages)
    Other information32 lines / 7mm line height / 5 cover color options

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