HobonichiRivet Bookmark Connesso

    We’ve collaborated with leather maker m-piu to bring you these colorful ribbon bookmarks with a leather charm. Three strands are all attached at the end to keep them stable just by placing it into your planner. The cute shapes and colors provide a nice visual accent to the book. The bookmarks come in two different lengths, so please choose the one suitable for your planner book size.

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    Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
    HobonichiRivet Bookmark Connesso



    For A6 Size [Planner / Original] (Tri-color / Black / Red)
    SizeW: 10 mm × H: 222 mm
    Weight2 g
    Main materialCow leather, acrylic, brass
    For A5 Size [Cousin] (Tri-color / Black / Red)
    SizeW: 12 mm × H: 285 mm
    Weight3 g
    Main materialCow leather, acrylic, brass

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    Leather stopper may have imperfections

    The all-natural leather of the band stopper is processed in a way to retain its original properties, so it may have color fading, vein lines, marks or small wrinkles.