HobonichiCover on Cover “Dashenka” for A5 Size

    This is the decorated version of the Cover on Cover, an optional, extra covering that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers to protect them from wear and tear while instantly giving solid-color covers a fresh new look. (Not for use directly on book.)

    Czech author Karel Capek (1890-1938) wrote a heartwarming book about the adventures of a mischevious puppy, Dashenka: The Story of a Puppy.

    This Cover on Cover emulates a page from the illustrated book and provides a way for users to display this design on any compatible Hobonichi Techo cover. The author’s lovingly-drawn illustration shows the cute pup running around in circles.

    In order to preserve the design of this illustrated Cover on Cover, there is no opening located in the back to access the back pocket of the cover.

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    HobonichiCover on Cover “Dashenka” for A5 Size



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