Koh-I-NoorErasable Roller Set

    This erasable pen set includes a blue water-based ballpoint pen with an eraser on the bottom for rubbing away the things you’ve written.

    The pen’s 0.3 mm tip allows for precise writing. The lightweight body is ergonomically designed so that your fingers will naturally find its anti-slip grip and comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

    The eraser isn’t just useful for erasing your mistakes — you can also use it to create subtractive designs and patterns by coloring in a section with blue ink and erasing creatively. If you preemptively erase an area and then write over it, the erased areas will stay white, giving you a lot of creative options in one pen.

    Users can also enjoy the colorful pen body that has come to be a part of the venerable Czech stationery maker Koh-I-Noor’s line of products.

    Staff List

    Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
    Koh-I-NoorErasable Roller Set



    Size Package: W: 57mm x H: 220mm x T: 17 mm / W: 2.2" x H: 8.7" x T: 0.7"
    (Each marker size: Diameter: 10 mm x Length: 132 mm / Diameter: 0.4" x Length: 5.2")
    WeightApprox. 24 g
    Main materialBody: Plastic, Pen tip: Metal

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    Precautions for use

    This ink can be relatively easily erased on standard copy paper, but certain types of paper may allow the ink to penetrate and make the ink difficult to erase.
    The water-based ballpoint pen in the Erasable Roller Set uses blue ink that’s often used in Europe. The transparent liquid in the eraser pen reacts only to the blue ink contained in this set, and cannot be used for other pens.