HobonichiAnytime Tote (Whisker Cat)

This gusseted tote bag is large enough to hold a laptop or magazine, but light and portable enough that you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere.

Whisker Cat places stitched images of cute cats and wavy lines against a deep blue background. The cats’ whiskers are made with white, pink, and light blue threads that have been cut one by one to the perfect length so you can enjoy the feel of the 3D effect against your fingertips. Look closely and you’ll see the faces of the cats vary, including some with wide eyes and some with narrowed eyes. The bag interior has a lustrous pink material to provide a charming contrast against the blue every time you open the bag.

The Anytime Tote is made with a sturdier material than standard reusable shopping bags, so you can use it every day. It’s also nice and light despite how big it is, so it can hold a lot while still being easy to hold.

You can also use it to organize your main bag by stowing your laptop or a change of clothes inside it and putting it into your main bag. It folds up into a compact shape so you can keep it in your main bag for whenever you need another one, like when you’re out shopping.

The pockets on either side of the tote bag’s interior are great for storing small items like your smartphone or keys.

Keeping a Drawer Pouch or Anytime Drawstring Bag inside can help you keep the Anytime Tote’s ample storage space even easier to access. Pick out your favorite designs and fabrics for each bag to create a cute look, whether you match the same design across bags or pick and choose different designs to pair together. It can feel just like shopping for clothes as you use your bag anytime and anywhere.

Combinations of the Anytime Tote with the Drawer Pouch

Anytime Tote + Drawer Pouch Ané

We recommend pairing the roomy Anytime Tote with the Drawer Pouch, which is designed to organize smaller items you carry on you. The Drawer Pouch Ané fits A6 size items such as small books and passports, making it especially convenient.

Anytime Tote + Anytime Drawstring Bag + Large Drawer Pouch

The Anytime Drawstring Bag can fit your wallet and smartphone, while the Large Drawer Pouch can fit things like important documents. If you only want to carry your essentials, you can simply pull out the Anytime Drawstring Bag and carry it by itself.

Anytime Tote + Small Drawer Pouch + Drawer Pouch Pocket

The Drawer Pouch pocket, which can serve as a wallet or card case, fits nicely into the interior pocket of the Anytime Tote. Storing smaller items like stationery or cosmetics inside the Small Drawer Pouch will keep what’s inside your bag organized and together.

Staff List

Styled Images: Jun Fujiwara / Product Detail: Hiroyuki Oe
Megumi Nishimori
Makeup & Hair
Tomoko Takano
Sachiko Tamazawa
HobonichiAnytime Tote (Whisker Cat)



SizeW: 440mm x H: 350mm x T: 110mm / W: 17.3" x H: 13.8" x T: 4.3"
Handle: 585mm / 23.0"
*Specifications may vary slightly
WeightApprox. 196 g
Main materialExterior: Cotton blend
Interior: Polyester

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Colors may fade or cause stains

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Not washable

Do not wash this product, as it may distort in shape or lose color. Do not use benzine, solvents, or other alcohol-based cleaners.